Where's my new card!

Hi, I setup a Monzo account on 4th May, and transferred £100 on 8th May (date money left my bank).

I still have not received my card, noone is answering your customer service line, I cannot do anything in the App, as to access anything I have to press the button to say my card arrived. If I press the button to say it hasn’t I’m taken to web chat that noone responds to.

Unimpressed with service received so far. On the forum people are saying they got theres within a couple of days of paying the money. Atm I seem to have paid money and received nothing for it - I dont even have an app I can use to check progress, or a phone number that I can call to chase it up!!

Hi, I’m sorry to hear about the delay. I’ve flagged your post so that someone from the support team can follow up on this.

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try @monzo on twitter, or help@monzo.com or maybe @naji from Monzo will pick this up and help you out

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lol Alex you’re quick :slight_smile:

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Tried sending an email to help@monzo.com, as I don’t use Twitter

Fingers crossed

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Hi there! I’ve just had a look at your account and I can see that one of my colleagues has already followed up with you about this - you should have your card in the next few days :grinning: