My monzo card hasn't arrived

Hi, I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s been two weeks since I first order my card but it hasn’t arrived yet. I did reorder two times more but still didn’t get anything. Can someone help me with that please?

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Have you tried contacting Monzo? They are likely to be more help than a customer forum.


3 cards have got lost?

It sounds obvious, but are you definitely confirming the right address and postcode?

My first card took ages, so I ordered a replacement, but then the original and the replacement turned up on the same day!

Monzo sent it First Class, so the second card was really quick (arrived next day).

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Two weeks. Two re-orders.

I’m flabbergasted.


Yeah the address and the postcode are alright.
I don’t know what’s the issue to be honest.

Like others have mentioned I would contact Monzo after 3-5 working days if you have not received anything