Card not arrived

Hello my account activated a couple of weeks ago, but my card has not yet arrived. I think it’s been 10 working days. Please advise? Thanks Amy

Drop them an email - Or there are phone numbers at the bottom of this page


Hey @Amycook, Mickey here from Monzo :wave:t2:

So sorry you’ve not got your card, it should be with you now :pensive:

Please could you drop us a message in the app or at and we can get this sorted for you asap :smiley:

Thanks @caspararemi and @MickeyD. It’s actually just arrived, so panic over and just in time for Christmas! :blush:


Dear @MickeyD, my monzo app says that my Debit Card in on the way and must arrive on 5th May, 2020. I am seeing this status since 1st of May 2020 when I reorder one after waiting for 6 days earlier expected date of card delivery was 26th April, 2020.

Can some one help me how can get my card in current circumstances?

You’ve commented on a post that is almost 3 years old.

That being said, nobody on here can help you with this as we’re all just customers like you. If you’ve not received your card you’ll need to contact Monzo, in app, via email or phone and they can help you further :slight_smile: