Where is the running balance, ANYWHERE?

Monzo used to have a [Current Balance], wherever you were looking, so if you were looking at 2 months ago today, it would have the balance at that time, great for auditing where all your money went, day by day.
Today, with Monzo Plus, I have nothing except Balance today, why?

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I cant remember that running balance since the graph was taken away ??? … more than a few months ago , maybe a couple / three years ago …dont know how long …

The way you can get a running balance is from downloading a statement which has a running balance on each entry .

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The only two ways to get this, is to download a pdf statement, or to use Google Sheets* to work it out.

I’ve no idea why it disappeared, but it was a long time before the current version of Plus was launched.

**Other spreadsheets are available.


With plus’s use the send to google feature and have a self updating spreadsheet with everything on it with pretty graphs and calculate your own rolling balance

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The running balance is not on the CSV download or the Plus Google Sheets ‘live export’. Yes you can work it out, but it’s not an audit then… I want to know if what I’m working out matches what they think the answer is.

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yes I know it doesnt give it on the CSV export - on the pdf statement it gives a running total for you to audit it

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I just exported a statement and it is on there.

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I miss this feature a lot, and I too want it back.

We actually already have a thread discussing it, where you can also vote for it’s return here:


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