Monzo Plus: Balance Column on google sheet export

I realise I could calculate it, but would be good if there was a running balance column in the export.

I guess they could.

It only took me 2 minutes to add my own, and I’m not even very good at it.

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Could you describe how you done it for others who are less used to spreadsheets?

You should be exporting the data to a fresh sheet so you’re not touching the main input.

But in a new column “=sum(A$1$:A1)”

And drag that down. The first A1 won’t move and the second will calculate as you go

A is where your transaction costs are


As @Revels said, Import the data to a new workbook first.

In a new workbook, type =IMPORTRANGE("[The URL of your Monzo Transactions Sheet"], "Monzo Transactions!A:P") in cell A1, without the square brackets, but with the “”.

This will make a dynamic copy of the Monzo Transactions sheet, so that whenever Monzo update it, your copy will also update.

Then type =sum(H$2$:H2) in cell Q2 (Monzo put the transactions in Column H, starting in Row 2).

Then Autofill down to the end.

Instructions for autofill are here.

There are more complex ways of achieving the same result, but this is the easiest


I just created a new sheet for working and referenced the original sheet, totalling column H.

Plenty of ways to do it, my original post was just surprise it wasn’t there by default

Yep, I get that. I was replying to @Smsm1

Community! This is my first post / question so excuse me if I’m getting this wrong but, what I’d like to know is;

Is the Google sheets export function actually any use for closely tracking your spending? I’m considering signing up for Monzo Plus and am looking to get an overall opinion of whether it’s worth it. This is the only function that appeals to me!

Thanks in advance.

You can manually export your transactions into a csv every month. But if you want it automatically, you gotta pay

Before you sign up, why not download a csv and see if it helps. If it does, spending £5pm will save you the time and trouble of doing the download. Only you can decide if it’s worthwhile for you. Just because some people think it is of value to them, doesn’t mean it will be of value to you.