Where Did My Cha-Ching Noise Go?!

When I made a card payment or received money, my phone used to make a Cha-Ching noise.

Now it doesn’t :slightly_frowning_face:

How do I get back Cha-Ching…?

Check your app settings, then check your phone settings.

I lost my ca-ching on Android once… an uninstall and reinstall fixed it…

Welcome to the Monzo Community Mikhail :wave:

Check your Notification Settings to see if the audo has been changed from Default. If that doesnt fix it a quick uninstall and reinstall surely will :slight_smile: @MikhailCompo

I still to this day don’t know what it sounds like, phone never comes off silent 🤷

You’re welcome

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The other sound ( the bad one) is here - in a remarkably similar topic:

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Wow I’m not missing much then 🤷🤣

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