[Android] Notification sound for money credited missing

The notification sound for my account being credited has now changed to the same as it being debited and I miss it :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Does anyone know the reason why or where it has gone or how to get it back?

App version: 2.62.0 (Beta)

Isn’t it the same for both for everyone :eyes:

Unless you’ve changed it yourself

I am certain it used to sound like money dropping before :eyes::eyes: or am I going insane?

Looks like you’re right #androidbias

Try this

Ah this is to set a custom sound

Monzo used to have this great sound for when your account was credited (sort of like a Mario coin noise) but it would still fall under ‘App provided sound’. And this is the one that’s gone missing :disappointed_relieved:

If in doubt try a delete and reinstall

If that doesn’t work

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It depends how you send/receive money :blush:

Card payment = ‘kerching’
P2P receive = ‘kerching’
Receive “Thanks” = ‘kerching’
Bacs / FPS receive = ‘Mario coin noise’ :partying_face:

I think refunds make the ‘Mario’ sound but I can’t test that right now :innocent:

But if you are having any trouble, reinstalling never hurts :ok_hand:


Oh I see!
I think i used to recieve the ‘Mario noise’ for bank transfers too!
I deffo recieve the ‘kerching’ for all others!