Lost my 'kerching' sound

All of a sudden my phone has decided to replace the kerching sound with my default notification sound. I personally haven’t changed any settings so one of the updates must have caused this. I can’t find any option on my Huawei phone to change the sound for that specific app. I’ve cleared the cache and app data but still no kerching.

Any ideas other than uninstall/reinstall etc?

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If it’s android checking within the Settings > App that you haven’t dis-enabled the apps permissions to notifications and sounds as well! :slight_smile:

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I’ve lost my kerching sound too :open_mouth: despite a reinstall.

Which app version are you running @krr13?

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I’ve lost mine too - I reinstalled the app and it came back briefly, but I can’t be bothered reinstalling the app all the time just to keep the sound.

I lost it too.

I’m on 2.26.1 beta

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I’m using 2.26.1 version.

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I think it was removed because too many people complained about it.

It would be nice if monzo would make the mp3 available though so we could add it and set it manually… Now I can’t tell the difference between a random notification and money going out…


I thought it was missing! Yes got to agree with @TonyHoyle here, I would like the original file sound so we can optionally put it back. Maybe @nexusmaniac can datamine an old APK to get it?


Hope that isn’t the case as I quite liked it! People always ask what that sound was too so it was a good advertising gimmick

Challenge accepted :wink:

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Found em! Just need to upload them

I have also found them :joy: Stored as .mp4 annoyingly

My Dropbox is playing up…
This may or may not work :see_no_evil:

Have Monzo actually confirmed this isn’t a bug?? I don’t think they would have removed this without communicating it

Having earlier said that my kerching had gone, it’s now back again :thinking: I wonder if it’s clashing with something else in my case…

Either way, the files are on my OneDrive here. Use em if you want them.

Which phone is this? I’m assuming Android :sweat_smile:

OnePlus phones have a habit of doing this - we’re not really sure why!

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As it happens, yes my phone is the OnePlus 6T on Android 9…

It sounded off earlier when I purchased a very few shares. Version 2.26.1 Android 8

It does it on my pixel 2, so not a oneplus thing. Haven’t heard the noise in ages.

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One Plus 3 user here and yep it’s happening again. :man_facepalming: