When will my prepaid card be de-activated?

I have been invited to upgrade to the current account. I will do that, but not for a few weeks as I am travelling. I hope my pre-paid card will not stop working during that period, will it?

The prepaid card stops working when you activate the CA card at which point the balance gets transferred over to the CA

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As long you don’t activate your debit card prepaid will not stop. You can even upgrade and your card will be ready whenever you come back from travels :wink:


Thanks both, I’ll wait till I return.

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We may need a sticky post or wiki FAQ or something as this question is coming up a lot :grimacing:

What will happen if people don’t upgrade, will the prepaid stop working eventually?

All answered here just seach the thread :slight_smile:

Yes, sometime in the front end of next year.

Hi…just received my debit card. And immediately hit a problem. Can I set it up so I can transfer via my main banks debit card , as did with my prepaid? Transferring from bank account is going to be difficult when travelling. Alternatively how do I deactivate the debit card and go back to using the prepaid

No transfer via card yet, but this is in the pipeline. Now you have migrated, no you can’t go back to prepaid.

Thanks, I’m going to have to do a lot of preplanning. Hope the option starts soon

If you haven’t activated the debit card in the app yet, the prepaid card still works. I don’t know what transactions the app will let you see in that state though.

Once you’ve gone through the upgrade process, there’ll be a ‘back to feed’ button. Tap that, and you’ll be brought back to your existing transactions list :+1:

You’ll still have the ability to top up your prepaid card and use it as normal until you receive and activate your debit card :credit_card: