Prepaid card still working after opening current account


I read in another thread:

“Your prepaid card will stop working when you activate the debit card in the app after receiving it.”

but my prepaid card is still working two months after opening a current account and activating the new debit card, so I’m a little confused about what should happen. I’ve been using the new current account debit card successfully and I’ve also been using the old prepaid card to run down its balance, which now stands at £1.65. Should the prepaid card have stopped working by now and should the balance have been transferred to the new current account? If so, that process hasn’t worked.

If not, what’s the best way of accessing the remaining small balance on the prepaid card? The only way I’ve thought of is to credit it with, say, £8.35 by bank transfer to bring the balance to £10 and then withdraw £10 from an ATM.

Has something not quite worked as it should when I activated my current account?

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Sounds like you’ve using the preview current account since the real thing hasn’t been around that long.

In the prepaid app there should be an invitation to upgrade your account to a current account which will have the effect of merging the two.

You probably ought to do this since your current account app won’t work for much longer (if it still does).


You’re quite right - on checking, I see that I opened the account in response to an email headed “Would you like to try the current account preview?”

I’ve just found the “invitation to upgrade” in the prepaid app. I’d overlooked it because I’d stopped using the prepaid card and was using the current account card for spending.

Thanks for the help.

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I only discovered the invitation to upgrade after checking out the progress of the original app hahaha


Perhaps an upgrade invitation displayed within the (preview) current account app would be helpful? I imagine that my action in switching spending to the new card and then not using the prepaid app (and thus not seeing the upgrade invitation) is fairly common.

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I imagine it’s pretty common too! Though admittedly if users are engaged enough to sign up to the preview then they probably try to stay up to date with what is happening.

Either way I agree it would probably be a good idea to communicate it a bit more clearly :+1:


Agreed - I should have paid more attention. Having now upgraded, the original “Monzo” app is showing the combined balance whereas the new “Monzo Bank” app is just showing the preview account balance. Does this mean that I should use the original “Monzo” app going forward and discard the new “Monzo Bank” app? Sorry if all this has been explained elsewhere.

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I had the same question when I upgraded haha!

I was informed by support that the preview app is no longer needed and you don’t need to have it installed anymore if you have upgraded.

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Yes, the preview app was only ever temporary, explicitely produced to test the account. It was never going to be a permanent solution - on iOS it no longer exists.

If it’s still around on Android, it won’t be for long.


Thanks to everyone for answering my questions here. It’s great to see that the community forum works so well.

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