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Hi all
Iam going abroad at the end of the month, I have had a invite for the ca, but I don’t want to cross over till I come back, can I do this? Can I still use my pp for the time being

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You don’t specify how long you are away for so it’s tricky to say exactly.

At some point in the next few months they will switch off the prepaid card product so the answer is a bit complex:

If you are only going away for a few days, as @iansilversides posted, yes its fine to keep it

But if you are gonna be away for more than three weeks then please be aware that international ATM fees start on the 18th of December, the prepaid card will only let you make one withdrawal up to £200 a month whereas the CA will let you make multiple totalling up to £200.

Longer term, If you were for example going away for a few months then there is no guarantee that the prepaid won’t be switched off during that time.

Also important to bear in mind that the prepaid has had a few outtages lately due to the external card processor, the current account (in my experience) is much much much more stable because monzo do it themselves.

Hope this helps


Unless I missed the boat, there hasn’t been a date set in stone when the prepaid card is turned off but Monzo do want all accounts switched by the end of the year so… I would use that as the estimate if you do not switch to the Current Account. They will more than likely announce the actual cut off date though.


Hi guys
Iam away for only a week back early Dec before the deadline

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