Apple Pay - how has it changed things?

There was a lot of noise about Apple Pay before it launched. People were very vocal about wanting it - myself included.

How has it being available changed the way you pay for things or use Monzo?

Having only gotten hold of Apple Pay via Nationwide for about 8 weeks before Monzo launched their prepaid card, I’d forgotten how convenient it is.

I hardly ever get my wallet out now, it’s saved me when being late for a train, and I particularly like the fact you can pay for any amount contactless. When travelling it takes away the fear of having your card cloned too.

In the three months since it launched, are people using it as much as they thought they would? Are there any other benefits you hadn’t considered?


It changed things quite a lot for me. If it wasn’t for my office keycard I would no longer be carrying my wallet. I’m not too worried about the 30£ limit (most merchants have up to date terminals that bypass the limit, and if not then why would I be giving them money, let alone more than 30£?).


I use Google Pay for pretty much all of my purchases. I think I was in Tesco where I’d bought slightly more than £30 worth of shopping and it didn’t go through so I had to remove an item. :pensive:

I too probably wouldn’t carry my wallet all the time if i didn’t need my staff card/ ID.

I stopped using Monzo over lack of ApplePay support so bringing support in is actually what brought me back as a customer

I now frequently go out without my wallet as a result of ApplePay and always use it in the office


I don’t use Apple Pay very much so I was never very vocal about needing it on the forum. For me it’s about the same amount of effort having my card in hand or my phone in hand, I haven’t developed a habit of using it yet. I often forget it exists until I realise I can pay for something online with it, and even then I tend to put larger purchases on my credit card.


I had Apple Pay via Halifax for around 8 months before Monzo. When i went #fullmonzo it was already a feature so I was able to quickly add my new card to apply pay. I’m a woman and I don’t carry a bag ANYWHERE. I have my keys and my phone and that’s it. My phone case has a slim slot on the back for ID and that’s it. Instant payment notifications make me more conscious of what I’m spending comparing to Halifax. I lose my card frequently (I have NO IDEA how, I lose them in my car/house/work) and I used to order a new card then not have Apple Pay for a week or two as the verification process took time with Halifax, but with Monzo it’s a tap on the app and done!

I rarely use my card normally. I can’t think of the last time I did in all honesty. I think it would have been a self service checkout at Sainsburys where it just wasn’t picking up any contactless signal from my phone or watch, or from tapping the card so I had to put it in (if anyone knows the Sainsburys in Balham, they know it’s a state and half the self-service tills are usually out of order).

I find it more convenient for sure, and I probably make more smaller purchases due to apple pay - it’s easy to be walking home from the tube station and pop into shops and not think too much about whether I have my wallet handy.

I was using Apple Pay a lot right before I got Monzo, which didn’t have it just yet… and the combination of instant notifications and a slim card wallet that I didn’t need to wrestle out of my pocket kinda killed the benefits of Apple Pay for me.

I would use it for larger purchases, but the inability to easily tell if a machine will take it over £30 means I can’t be bothered. As that gets more widespread, and if these new PIN rules come in, I suspect I will begin to use it more again.


I love apple pay for the convenience and security it gives. For example the other night I was at an Ice Hockey game, decided to order a takeaway via Just Eat app and paid with Apple Pay all from the comfort of my seat. No need for getting my wallet out in public, etc… it was great!

I don’t have a fruit phone but on my robot phone I use google pay for everything - infact since having surgery in July I haven’t actually carried a wallet with me at all :man_shrugging:

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Google/Apple Pay in browser is the best thing ever too.


If the reader still shows a contactless logo when asking for the card, it will accept it.

I’ve not had one decline for anything over £30.

Same here — it’s what made me switch from Starling to Monzo :smiley: I use Apple Pay for everything wherever I can, both on iPhone and Mac.


Pretty much try to use it exclusively.

I use Apple Pay as much as possible and usually avoid places that don’t take it. It’s safer and gives more transparency over my spending. I almost never carry cash. It’s the way of the future!

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I’d used Apple Pay with NatWest when it first launched in the U.K. so when Monzo didn’t have it it felt like a step backwards. I’m now #fullmonzo and I pay as much as possible using AP. I still find it weird but wonderful to pay £000s at a super market for instance.

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Generally I don’t stand staring at the screen until it prompts me though – I’m ready to pay at that point and have already made my mind up about how to do it.

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I still use my card for 80-90% of things. Sometimes if my hands are full carrying shopping I will use Google Pay but I still find it weird holding my phone up to the card reader.


I like apple pay and its convenient if I happen to be without my wallet but if I have my wallet with me I generally use my card. I don’t know how using apple pay is considered safer or more secure though?

With Apple Pay you’re authorising the transaction with a PIN/biometric, and thanks to tokenisation your card details aren’t available to the merchant. That’s vastly more secure than standard contactless and arguably more secure than Chip and PIN.