Apple Pay 👀

Why though?

I really wanted it when it came out and as soon as Metro launched it I used it in a few pubs and on TfL and only really used for about a week after if that, I found it slow and annoying to keep launching it or waiting for it to load etc to the point it was easier just to pull out my card and tap that. Granted it may be my phone that is slow now but even with the watch it is still not as good so it makes me wonder why do people want it so bad?

Has anyone on here done speed test currently?

I dunno maybe it’s just me but I don’t get the hype.

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I’ve only used it for Monzo top up and Uber. Oh and to pay for a new iPhone, I think :thinking: so maybe I’m not the best person to ask.

I’ve tried everything… wristbands (bpay), both apple and android pay… and I still use card. It’s just easier.

However, if lots of others want it, then it’d be silly to be against it…

I use it all the time. Though I do the double tap with my finger on the sensor while waiting in line. Then is just ready for the tap.

Yeah I use in in app but physically… no.

Oh yeah I agree with that, I just don’t get why.

Something I didnt do

I absolutely love using Apple Pay on the Watch. I’m not too fussed about it on the phone since it takes me roughly the same amount of time to pull out my phone as it would to pull out my wallet, but the Watch makes it almost too easy :man_shrugging:


I use android pay wherever I can, far quicker and easier than pulling out my wallet, especially when carrying a potentially sleeping toddler.


For me a watch is on the wrong wrist, and on the wrong side of the wrist, to be useful.

The bigger problem is 99% of people pay with card… even getting a phone out to pay gets you the ‘ooh is that one of those apple pay things’ (when getting out an android phone… sigh…) then I’m put into a social situation I didn’t want.

Don’t even get me started the reactions I got from the wristband. I was once quizzed by security!

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I think for me it’s convenience - I’m one of those people who carries a handbag full of stuff, so fishing my purse out then unzipping it, getting the individual card out etc. is a pain (especially when I’ve usually got a laptop bag too). My phone is in my hand/watch on wrist and its a 2 second job - I do have an iPhone 7 though so its nice and fast… Not sure how it’ll work once I get the iPhone X - something tells me I might not like FaceID as much!


Put the watch on the other wrist.

Solution :white_check_mark:


I use apple pay when ever its available to me, it’s always been faster when im at a self checkout as i can whip my phone out and have apple pay open with a double tap of the home button with i touch through the pay/bag charge screen with my other hand. You can also just hold your phone up to a card reader while holding the home button and you car will pop up and pay for you.

I just got myself an apple watch yesterday and used Apple pay on that today twice. a simple double tap of the side button and your card is ready no authentication needed. The biggest problem I’ve noticed is the wait time between paying and the authorization process takes the same amount of time as it would with chip and pin so you sorta have to stand there waiting for the cashier or screen giving you your receipt. I wish they could speed that up a little.

Apple Pay on the watch is really handy though, the only thing I miss from Starling.


Just used it on the bus now with an iPhone 7 Plus, find it extremely efficient compared to when it was initially launched on tfl services. :blush:

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I find having a loose card in my pocket very easy to get out. No buttons, no waiting, no risking dropping £X00 of hardware.

I’ve used Apple Pay twice.


I agree the waiting time is way too long. It seems to be that Android Pay (I don’t use Apple Pay so don’t know if that’s the same) forces the terminal online to check the transaction with the acquirer. Where I frequently get lunch got a card terminal around a year or so back, and it’s on dial up, so very slow to confirm the transaction compared to other systems that are online.

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I did enjoy it, but recently on my Apple Watch it is being silly, I double tap, the card comes up but it doesn’t always work on the contactless terminals and I usually have to close it and tap it again. Sometimes not at all, the nfc chip is probably dying somehow :pensive:

I have broken out of my Apple Pay habit and have been using my Monzo card but I will probably come back to it when Monzo launches it :slight_smile: (and when I get my Apple Watch series 3!!!)

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It might be near… :roll_eyes:

(but nothing official as yet)

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I used apple pay before I gad my Monzo card because it was more convenient. I am often listening to music so my phone will be out or in my pocket so paying with it is easier than digging out a wallet out of an oversized and overstuffed handbag.
I have to say I have been using a kerv for the past few months and I can’t see myself going back. It’s just so much easier, I do use my Monzo to top up my kerv though. I do wish that there was a Kerv-Monzo collaboration and that I could check my Kerv transaction list directly from the app.