When registering, Cant get out of the screen to activate the card. which im only receiving in 5/7 days....HELP!

So i registered in Monzo, downloaded the app. got verified etc, then cant get out of the activation card, which will take 5/7 days to receive. Cant use the app until then? seems like a bug to me. Using iOS 14.2 on iphone 11. Tried uninstalling the app several times no luck. Im stuck!! help please

Hi. This isn’t a bug. You’ll need to wait for your card to arrive.

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Cant use the app until the card arrives? what if I didn’t want the card? Im coming from Revolut and the app and the card has nothing to do with each other

That isn’t an option with Monzo.

Yes they do. It’s your account. Having you wait for the card is an additional layer of security.

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You had the option to add your card Google or Apple pay at registration of you were eager to get going


i didnt have that option, no

thanks for your kind reply

its just that no one tells you this. I need to use the app immediately that is why I opened it. No one said you need to wait 5/7 days to use the app when you open a new account.

To me this doesn’t make any sense…trying monese now…

Just remember that keep opening bank accounts will have an effect on your credit rating.

Why the urgency to use the Monzo account? Why can’t you use your Revolut account?

You will have but it seems in your haste that you missed it.

Well no app is perfect.

I’ve been using Revo for a while in my home country (european), now I just moved to the UK, and they wont allow me to change the address of residence…they literally asked me to close the account and open a new one with the UK address…so I am doing that, but I need an account in the meantime to receive my funds and my December salary to be transferred there…HR needs a new bank account number asap…makes sense now why I need it fast??

He is correct. Opening new accounts impacts your credit rating whatever personal reasons you have.

I believe that if you get in touch with Monzo you can get your account number in advance. Because this is what you need, not your card.

Failing that your card shouldn’t take too long to arrive. A few days at the most. How many days have you been waiting?


The two times I’ve had a card from Monzo (new and Plus), I’ve got it next day.

At the moment the hold up with be Royal Mail.

Hi Thanks for the tips,

I didn’t want the card, only the bank account number, but I cant access the app to have the number. Therefore my enquiry in this forum.

I don’t want to have many accounts open, and since I was also pissed with Revo I was planning to keep open only the best/easiest one, I was ready to give Monzo a try…but since I cant even access the app…that don’t seems like an option.

Hi revels, I’m not blaming monzo for late delivery of the card. In fact I’m not in a hurry for the the card. It can take 2 weeks if they want. I only want to access the app now to know my bank account number.

I was meaning that you might not have to wait that long.

Can you get to the help section in the app? You could do what Ordog says and ask for your account details so you can give them to HR.

in the app there no passing that screen, no back no forward. even after I deleted it and downloaded it again.

by the way, thanks for your help!!!

You don’t always get that option. If whatever verification algorithm Monzo uses decides that it wants to verify your address, you won’t be able to do anything at all until you activate the card thus proving you have access to the address you used

Others can add to Apple/Google Pay and yet others have full access (I believe)

It would be interesting to know how it works but we will never know

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Has your card arrived yet? Staking used to allow access to the app and account details once you submitted ID/video but not sure if that changed

But even so they have a(n actually live) chat on their website and you can find out

thanks for your help. I’ll just have to wait until card arrives…but it makes no sense to me.

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