Cant get onto app before card has been activated

My Father in law is having a bit of trouble with the app. After hearing me rave about Monzo he thought he would give it a try, he signed up last Friday but his card is yet to arrive. I had told him how he didn’t need to wait for the card to arrive and could immediate use the app however it seems like the app isn’t allowing him to log in until he activates the card. I see that this used to be the case for Monzo but as of last July it seems this is no longer the case.

Has anyone else had this issue and is there anything he can do except wait for the card to arrive? It was originally displayed as arriving yesterday however after i uninstalled and reinstalled the app it now displays as arriving by the 15th.

I think it’s within 5 working days from order point. all of mine have turned up 2days later (thanks Monzo!)

However I wasn’t able to log into my account until my card arrived and I joined Oct 18. That rule didn’t apply to my joint account however that was created following my personal…

I’m aware none of this probably helps :joy:. All is okay basically :blush:

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