Activate a Monzo Card (iOS)

A friend gave me an unused card, but I can’t seem to activate it on the app; instead it’s telling me that I will have to wait in the queue for a couple of weeks, and I’m keen to get Monzoing!

I’ve read other users mention a hidden way to access the card registration, but none of their suggestions seem to work…

As it stands, the app consists only a dude on a bench and the “invite 3 friends” option.

A little surprised that I can’t find an answer on the forums!

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To get past the screen you’re seeing, swipe left with 3 fingers on the screen for the iOS or Android app. It’s a little bit temperamental but that should work after a few goes…

If that doesn’t work, you can email the support team at

And once you’ve activated your account, please share your user number here :slight_smile:


three finger swipe on the queue screen

I ordered a card 4 days ago and I’m still in the queue I’m going away on the 2nd march and was going to use it as a travel card instead of my debit card… I’m really worried it’s not going to arrive in time I’ve invited a friend and they’ve signed up but it hasn’t made a difference… roughly how long will it take?

The current waiting list time is around 2 weeks. Then you’ll be given the opportunity to topup your card. Once you make that topup you will receive your card within 48 hours.

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3 of my friends have signed up using the link I sent them but it still says only two people have signed up… any help :frowning:

There is a fix for this but we (the members of this community) don’t know what it is :see_no_evil:

So you’ll need to contact the customer support team, by emailing to ask them to sort this out for you.

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