My account number

I need urgent help
I have signed Monzo account yesterday, and I am waiting for the card.
I need to submit my bank details to the employer ASAP to get credited my salary.
In the Monzo app, I don’t see anything other than activating card option.
From where I can get the account number details?

Thank you

Hi. You cannot get it until the card arrives and you’re activated.

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This isn’t right is it?

Do you not have the account number straight away, it should be right at the top or clicking on your avatar should show you what it is under the current account box

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There used to be more visible I think but I’m only going from people posting similar before but I think it’s all locked down.

I don’t even think you can get to the help section. Emailing is too slow to be of any use.

On the positive side, cards are usually next day.


When I joined Monzo last May, it all worked straight away. In fact I was away from home myself at the time and didn’t pick up and activate the card for another week.


i also got my account number and sort code at the top of the phone under where it says current account when i came back in january before i got my card


Welcome to Monzo :rocket: and the community :partying_face:

You will need to wait until the card arrives I’m afraid.

Do you not have another bank account in the UK before opening this one? As you can provide those, and update them next month if required.

Your card should generally be with you within 5 working days, most instances a lot sooner though🤞🏼


I opened my :monzo: in 2020, managed to top it up within minutes after opening :blush:

Did it change now?


I opened my account in may last year and was able to get my account number straight away


It seems the process has changed recently

Thank you.
I am new to UK. I thought opening a bank account with Monzo is quicker way to get an account.
Let me wait until receive the card.

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Really? I only re-joined Monzo in December and I could use the account number etc right away.

I’m on iOS, but this is where I could find these details

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yeah me also i came back jan 22 and got the account no and sort code after being approved , i didnt have to wait for the card comming

It’s still generally quicker than traditional banks who send you things like your card, online activation, PIN etc separately.

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I can’t see what you can see, but I was able to use my Monzo account straight away, I could add my card to apple wallet while waiting for the physical one and could also have done back transfers.

Good luck in solving this :slight_smile:

Reopening an old account is handled differently.

I think it’s been mentioned before why this happens on occasion but the card will be with OP soon and will have access to their account :crossed_fingers:t3:


Mine was a brand new account (I’d CASS’d the previous one)

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Wasn’t one of the things Tom (remember him?) said that he wanted people to be able to be at an airport and sign up to Monzo faster than they’d be able to get money from a foreign exchange place? i.e. register and get your card in Apple or Google Pay immediately.

I remember this actually being a thing too, but I’m also well aware that Monzo use the card delivery as a form of address verification. I guess if you’re above a certain risk threshold you don’t get the option?


as was mine i was in the same situation , surely the process cant have changed that quickly

You have a UK credit record which someone new to the country won’t have. That’s probably the difference

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