Pay saving pot interest directly into the pot

Each month I get interest paid out into my main balance from saving pots. It’s unsurprisingly pitiful since it’s paid monthly and subsequently gets absorbed into the wider spending.

Would be great if you could set it so the interest remained within the pot.

EDIT: I am referring specifically to a shawbrook interest bearing pot. This doesn’t seem to have the option to pay direct to the pot itself but to the main balance monthly which is a little irritating.

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My two do :man_shrugging:

Mine does. Are you sure you aren’t just seeing the notification?

I think he means the Plus/Premium interest


It’s been a long time since I had Plus, I’d forgotten how it worked.

I am a mere original basic user :person_shrugging:

Yeah, so my interest saving pot, that just went into the same pot and carries on.

My interest on my whole balance for Plus, that just went into my main account.

A round-up like toggle would be good. “Pay account interest into this pot”


No, for some reason my shawbrook “easy access” pot pays into my main account.

Perhaps there’s a setting I missed but would prefer this to remain within the pot.

Right, so what am I missing? Are yours easy access? I think that might be the differentiator.

Genuinely interested.

Mine are interest bearing easy access accounts with Shawbrook. Same as your’s, it seems.

I don’t remember seeing an option for interest to be paid externally tbh.

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I see a notification on the main account feed telling me the interest earned for each easy access savings pot:

But the actual interest is credited to the pot:

Edit: the only time savings pot interest has been paid into my main account is when I have closed a savings pot during the course of the month.


I have the same. That’s the way it’s always worked for me.

So it’s mea culpa :man_facepalming:t2:

Turns out this related to, as noted above, a closed saving pot which had the same name as an existing one.

@AlanDoe can this be closed plz.