Savings pot interest?

I have opened a savings pot with interest. It says “interest for november so far:” but shows nothing as of yet? Do pots show daily interest? So as an example, if the interest rate meant I was getting 1p a day interest, then each day in the interest for month so far section it will increase by 1p then at the start of the next month be paid to me?


You need to have a good bit in them to show so early in the month really

In theory they show every day but i only have a small amount in so takes a while to build to to 1p interest

edit: 1 of mine is showing 1p (with Paragon) and the other (with more in from Charter) is showing 0p. A bit temperamental perhaps

It also takes a couple of working days for the initial deposit to clear.


It also depends how much money you have in your saving pot. I have £25 and in October it made me 1p :sweat_smile:


Thanks all. Phew… Today it’s starting to roll in. Getting richer by around 1p a day, yay.


Anybody know if there is an easy way of getting to this screen on Android without scrolling back through to find a feed item about interest in a closed pot?

Never seen this screen before!