Interest on new savings pot.

Hello. I created a savings easy access pot on December 29 2023, but I only started receiving interest on it on January 3 2024. Why did I not get any interest for the previous 4 days?

Where are you seeing the daily interest? How do you know you weren’t paid for the other days?

How do you know you only started earning interest from 3 Jan? If it is a Monzo savings pot (rather than third party), in app it shows as “interest earned since 1 Jan” for me.

If that figure is less than all interest earned then the difference will be December interest.

Could also be that the amount is low enough that daily interest is negligible.

In any case, not enough info to help properly.

I know because there was no interest earned until the 3rd of January. Since then, I am roughly earning the AER/365 per day.

Also, I had 0 interest in December in this pot.


  1. Is this the Monzo savings pot or a third party pot?
  2. What does it say under “Interest since 1 January” and is it less than the “total interest” figure?
  3. Is the daily interest due greater than 1p?

1.It is an easy access pot powered by shawbrook.
2. It says what I said before. Until the 3rd it said 0 and now it says an amount roughly my capital * AER * 6/365. This is also the total, that’s why I said I was paid no interest for the last days of December.
3. Yes, much greater.

As it’s an external provider, not sure if money would go in on non-working days; which might explain it. What did support say?

It’s working correctly. You start earning interest the working day after your deposit so from the 2nd January.


Not necessarily. It is “up to 1 working day”, according to the savings agreement.

“It’ll take up to one working day for the money to get to the Provider. You’ll only earn interest on your money once the Provider has received it.”

Technically, I appreciate they are covered, but it kind of sucks, as I transferred this money from another pot I had with them, resulting in me losing 4 days worth of interest.

I have not contacted support, as I wanted to find out if there is any point doing it.

Zero point going to support. It’s very clear.

start earning interest the working day after you make your deposit.

It’s either only pennies, so don’t worry about it, or if it’s not, you shouldn’t have it within Monzo anyway!


Thanks for tge advice on how to invest my money. :roll_eyes:

Also, why are you quoting something that is not written in any official document?

Hey There :wave:

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve having with an Easy Access Pot you’ve taken out with one of our external providers. The main difference between these types of pots and our Instant Access Pots is the function of depositing money into the pots.

Pots with our external providers can take up to 1 working day for funds to be added, meaning until the funds are in the pot you won’t earn any interest while they are on their way or you’re trying to move funds into another pot with an external provider.

When opening a pot the app provides a series of screens for you to read and we have one of these screens dedicated to explaining how and when interest is earned alongside adding and withdrawing funds into/the pots into your account. :heart:


It’s from the Monzo website.

Thanks Tom. I just thought the process would take less than a working day for the funds to be moved in the pot, especially considering the nedt working day was 4 days later.

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It can take up to 1 working day, which in your case it did. It doesn’t matter if the next working day is the next day, or 4 days away those days aren’t working days and aren’t counted at all.

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