When I try to login it only asks me for what email I would like to use and not what email I already use

I have been having trouble logging into to my Monzo for so long now. Every time I try to login it only asks me for what email I would like to use and not what email I already use. Therefore it wants me to send a picture of my passport and a personal video as if I’m currently creating a new account. I’m certain I’m clicking “log in” and not “create account”. And every single time I delete/redownload the app it’s the same thing.
How can I log on to my Monzo so I can control my money?

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I think the “what email you’d like to use” wording is just a more polite way of them saying what email have you registered with.

It’s natural that Monzo need the email address that they have on file for you – they have no way of knowing if any other email address belongs to you.

Try making sure that you provide the exact same email address that you registered with – including spelling and punctuation (Gmail doesn’t take full stops into account but some services do, for instance). If it doesn’t work at all, you’ll need to email help@monzo.com to ask them to change the email for you but that will take a long time as email isn’t their primary way of providing support. You can also try calling, but it’s the same situation

I agree, however, the wording on that screen could be made clearer, especially for those whose first language isn’t English

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The keywords in that sentence are ‘to sign in’.

Therefore you’re not creating a new account or anything unless you enter the wrong email address associated with your account. In this case think of what other email address you could have used and try that.

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To find which email you used to initially sign up with Monzo, using a web browser on your phone/laptop/desktop - go to web.monzo.com and enter what you think is your ‘Monzo email’ there. If it is correct, it will send a ‘magic link’ email to the email inbox.

If this doesn’t happen, try another email address that you own/control because the one you just tried isn’t the one you used to sign up with Monzo.

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