Offline card payments

Was in morrisons before and the card system was down. They were still accepting chip and pin payments. Think these are effectively offline and processed once the system comes back up?
My monzo card didn’t work though and was declined twice. (didn’t get a notification hence why I presume it’s offline). Luckily had the cash.
Is this a limitation of the current account and in the backlog or will this never work due to the real-time notifications etc?

Are you on prepaid or current account?

Current account (migrated to the blue app)

Which card version do you have? Is your name on the card? The preview cards have old chip settings, you see.

Name is on my card. Joined the preview last month so presumably I’ve got the latest card type.

Offline transactions should work for you in that case. Others have been successful with them. Maybe contact support in-app and find out if they can see anything or suggest what’s going on? Would be interesting to hear if you get an answer.


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