Card not letting me withdraw cash

My card wont let me withdraw any cash, has been doing it for days now any ideas?

Have you checked your limits?

Is there an error message shown?

Have you taken money from that specific ATM using your Monzo card previously?

No error message and used they cash machines before and worked fine

Do you have the funds in your account to cover what you are attempting to withdraw?


Yes checked them

Sounds like a cash machine error. If it was an issue with Monzo you would see a declined error in your app.

Eg Insufficient funds, over your limit etc

Have you tried a different cash machine?

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Yeah tried 4 over the last 4days all iv used before

Have you used your card in a chip and PIN machine in the last 4 days to pay for something in store?


I’m out of ideas then - my last theory was that it was an issue with the chip in your card.

Think this is one for Monzo using their in app chat. Please come back and update us what the issue was :pray:

Thanks and will do :grin:

Said I prob need new card must be damaged

I guess you’ll find out in the next couple of days when it arrives :crossed_fingers:

Strangely I’ve seen a load of ATMs out of order the other day … ? Different ones at different locations.

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