When do Monday payments show?

I have just recently joined Monzo and in the process of transferring everything over . Currently just waiting on my housing benefit payments to transfer over to this account. It is due Monday and is still not showing. So it maybe that it is still going into the other account which thankfully is still open. It takes hours to contact housing benefit to query it with them.

All other payments have transferred straight away. I was just wondering if Monday payments generally show today on a Friday or a Saturday or Sunday?n

Thanks in advance


It can show anytime from now up until 4pm today I believe :slight_smile:

If it’s a BACS payment for Monday then it should show today. They normally appear at about 9am but some processing delays have impacted this timing in the past.

Thank you. It looks as if payment is still going to my other account. Housing benefit is always the most complicated one for everything. Nothing ever runs smoothly with them.

If it’s still going to the old account and you’ve used the Current Account Switch Service, you should still receive this on Monday, we just don’t have visibility of it until Monday because your old bank will forward by faster payment.

I’d suggest updating your details manually with them as well, it doesn’t hurt!

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Thank you Beth. I haven’t used the switch service yet as wanted to make sure all my incoming payments were coming through before doing that. Good to know though, as didn’t realise this. I will wait now until payment goes in old account tomorrow and then probably use the switch service as everything else is working fine. Not due another payment from then for another 2 weeks so hopefully it will be updated by then.

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