Bacs payments not showing

I’m due to be paid on the 19th but this isn’t showing to say it’s due in three days?

It usually shows the day before you’re due to be paid.

For the past few months it’s been showing me 3 days prior?

Hmm that’s interesting don’t know what’s changed there

If the payment is due out on a Monday then it will appear in your app on the Friday as a pending payment (this is because the Bacs payment scheme does not process payments over the weekend).

I think this could explain why you saw payments appear 3 days prior in the past.


So I’m guessing it will show tomorrow then as it is due on Wednesday ?

That’s the way it normally works (except for the weekend case described above).


Yep I think that will be the case.

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I get paid tomorrow and it was showing just after 8am for me today :raised_hands:

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Thankyou for clearing that up! Started to panic

I was paid today, and it showed over the weekend (counting down 2 days, 1 day) as expected.


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