What's your smartwatch? ⌚

(Thomas Horne) #21

Not by default, however it can be turned on at the expense of some battery life.


Some? I bet it brings it down to a week!

(I think it’s a fabulous device, we make the BTLE chip in it, but it isn’t really up to the fitbit’s performance)

(Thomas Horne) #23

Same as the Fitbit.


Yeah but the fitbit has SpO2 monitoring too plus the heart rate tracking is far superior to the Xiaomi - I have both

(Thomas Horne) #25

I’d hope it’s better for the difference in price. :wink:

I mostly bought my Band 3 for the notifications, the extra for a Fitbit wasn’t at all justified for my use.


Mine isn’t on the list…


Huawei watch 2. I like it. Good fitness tracking, music and Gpay. I have the most boring watch gave ever but plenty others available.

(SimonL) #28

Old Apple Watch series 0 (first one out) still going strong

(Nathan Steer) #29

I don’t wear one at the moment, but it would be a Samsung Gear if I could afford one :smiley:


My watch currently had odd at least 3 years I think, my 1st smart watch will be the Apple 4 Gen in a month or two :wink:

(Colin Robinson) #31



Having lcd and analogue was probably considered quite smart when my watch was first produced…

(daniel costin) #33

Armani Connected Smart Watch

(Joseph Beddows) #34

Ive got the Galaxy watch

(Charlie Kelly) #35

Just sold my Moto 360 2nd Gen and gone back to mechanical. Bought a ZIIIRO Eclipse Steel Black Snow and I’m loving it!

Thought I’d miss the Smartwatch but I really don’t.


Way too fancy…

(Chris) #37

I was using a Pebble Time Steel until I misplaced the charging cable. It’s pretty much only good for telling the time and showing notifications, but that’s all I really need from a smartwatch.

I’ve since found the cable, but haven’t got round to charging it yet.


A mi band 2 but will hopefully be replacing it soon.

(Brandon Billingham) #39

Is there a good Android Wear smartwach? In the market


I have the Huawei Watch 2 and really like it.