Can anyone recommend a Wear OS watch with NFC and decent battery?

So it must have been years since I last thought about taking the plunge and getting one. Hopefully things have move on considerably from the Moto 360 era.

I want:
NFC for Google Pay
Not incredibly chunky
Lasts two days, ideally up to five.
Ideally Swimproof as I swim
Ideally HR tracking, but not a deal breaker

£200 budget.

Paying and telling the time will probably be 99% of its use. I’d rather have long battery over features or speed.

With my limited research it’s pointing to this? Would that be a mistake, anything better to consider? The battery seems to let it down.

I use a garmin vivoactive 3, doesn’t have NFC but ticks the rest of your boxes. I wear it 24/7, charge it every 4-7 day (takes less than an hour to charge). Use it mostly to tracking activities like running and cycling.

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Have a look at what Fossil are offering, they seem to actively develop smartwatches:

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Thanks yes the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle also took my eye.

I have the TicWatch Pro. Ticks most but not all of your boxes.


It does thanks!

Shame the TicWatch E2 doesn’t do NFC, kinda prefer that simplicity but the Pro would be on the short list.

I could use my Starling with it but I quite like the idea of Wear OS with my :android: phone.

The battery does look ace on it though. I really want something that if I miss charging it doesn’t die the next day.

A five day watch would be great.

So looking into it a bit more it turns out Fossil own Skagen and Misfit.

There doesn’t really seem to be any other contenders.

Snapdragon 2100

So it’s really between these two.

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

512 MB
415 mAh

Skagen Falster 2

512 MB
300 mAh

Snapdragon 3100

Or between these two…

Fossil Q The Carlyle HR (Gen 5)

1 GB
310 mAh

Skagen Falster 3

1 GB
310 mAh

Snapdragon 3300


And the misfit to the list is well the Misfit

Vapor 2
Snapdragon 2100
512 MB
300 mAh

Vapor X
Snapdragon 3100
512 MB
300 mAh

But both of those aren’t as good.

You also have the new Moto 360 but lacks speaker/mic and more expensive than the fossil/Skagen.

Moto 360 (3rd gen)
Snapdragon 3100
1 GB
355 mAh

I have the same. Really like it. Although it doesn’t have Google Pay it does have Garmin Pay which I use with Monzo via Curve.

Nothing with less than 1GB RAM.

Otherwise it’ll be a sluggish mess

Oh really? Interesting. I need to look into that!

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