Recommendations for fitness tracking wristy thing

Does anyone here use a fitness smart wrist thing, and if so do they have any recommendations.
Are Chinese imports any good? (Miband etc)
Would people recommend getting just a band type or a full watch?
Phone will be iPhone SE so will need to work with that.
Is nfc worth it?
Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

I have tried the Fitbit Charge2 mainly because the Charge3 was not available at the time. It has been pretty poor until the Jan s/w update and now seems to operate faultlessly. The main issue was not syncing with my phone (iPhone 5S) so the app didn’t get updated and the solutions to fix it were long, tedious and repetitive. I also tried the Aria scales (V1) that was a load of rubbish and after a long fight I got a refund. Fitbit units do seem to have a mixed review and maybe a quick look at their community input will help. They have just (a few months ago) announced that they are in profit. One last point, I found that the supplied rubbery strap irritated my wrist after a few days. The Charge3 and the Aria V2 scales are supposed to be much better. Hope that helps. R-

I use my Apple Watch. Having just upgraded from Series 0 to the latest there’s a vast difference. I then use Gyroscope and Strava / Komoot on my phone for tracking my activities / health / sleep.