What's the last bit of tech you bought?

I had to retire my 2014 MacBook Pro in 2022, it struggled in high ambient temperatures, and I also noticed as I disconnected it that the battery had swollen again due to it being plugged in all the time. It would always run with the fans at full pelt even when I wasn’t doing much. Upgraded to the Studio when it was released which was a staggering upgrade.

My Air and Mini are both M1.

I’d be upgrading for the screen, RAM and storage.

I don’t think the jump to the M1 chip would make that much difference for my usage.

Had my M1 MBA since it came out and honestly it works perfectly I have no need to upgrade. BUT I am considering the M2 MBA 15 inch purely for the bigger screen.

I did a dumb. This AM decided that I should’ve gone for the 1TB model for the anti-glare screen. Requested refund to Steam Wallet thinking I could re-order pretty much straightaway. Well, apparently the funds are ‘held’ for ‘up to 7 days’…

Would’ve been better off refunding to Chase if I knew, and just swallowing the extra cost until the refund arrives. Now I have to wait and pray that the shipping dates don’t slip too far into the future.


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That sucks big time, I guess once you pick Steam Wallet it’s stuck in there forever unless you use it. So not like you can withdraw it to your Chase account.

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Yes, pretty much… Should’ve gone with original payment method, now I am cursed to a) wait for the funds to clear until I can reorder and b) any refund I get (if I do for this), will be in Wallet funds…

After watching Dave2D’s video, I’d rather have the regular screen as the anti-glare is a lot dimmer.

Worth having a look, if you haven’t watched it.

I picked up my LCD Deck this morning and could see my tired face in the screen clear as in a mirror, and thought “ew”. Both regarding the screen being so reflective and myself aging

It’s hard to make a decision without having held an etched screen myself, I’ve been trying to decide all week and clearly still remain undecided. I’ll go for the 1TB model now anyway, as I’d kick myself if I cancelled the order just to order the same thing again…


I had the anti-glare LCD model and it was really good to be fair, the LCD in general was rubbish though IMO.

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The way I see it, even with the anti-glare the OLED can’t be worse than the current LCD

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No definitely not, if I was buying the OLED it wold be the anti-glare model.

Graphics card prices and PC parts in general are just crazy expensive. I was hoping for some sort of readjustment in prices now that COVID and mining inflation should have dissipated but it doesn’t seem to be coming. I’m still running a clapped out 6th gen i5 6600K I really want to upgrade! :cry:

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They righted from Covid prices about 18 months ago, at that time they were selling almost double RRP. It’s now easy to find them for sale at RRP prices and has been for some time.

If you are waiting for the RRPs to come down though - yeah that’s never going to happen. Maybe if Intel takes off, the extra competition will spur on more competitive pricing but that’s probably a ten year timeline


It was more the RRP I was refering to, but I dunno I guess everything is more expensive now anyway. So :person_shrugging:t5: :sweat_smile:

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Not brought per se but I managed to repurpose and old pi 2 to be a tailscale server to remote back into home and installed pi hole and using HTTPS over DNS now across my entire network.

Took under an hour to do and works great :+1:, very happy with it.



I am tempted to purchase a steam deck. I’ve never had one before. I sold my pc just under 2 years ago when my kid was born but now I have time again I am tempted to get back into gaming.

I’d say go for it. Best purchase of the last year (so much so that I’ve upgraded to the OLED).

It will obviously depend on the type of games you play (I wouldn’t think any RTS/strategy games would be particularly suitable without hooking up a keyboard and mouse)

But the fact that it allows you to suspend and quick resume games that support it is great, as I can just put it down when I have to and pick it up from the same place.


Hm game wise I am unsure, before on pc I mainly played Unreal Tournament 2004, Battlefield 4 and DayZ.

The 1TB model is the anti-glare one isn’t it?

Might wait a few weeks to see what user reviews are like but no doubt will be oos by then. Argh decisions decisions.

You can check which games are Deck Verified on Steam – having quickly looked Day Z isn’t. But then it’s pretty much just a Linux PC with a pretty front end, so maybe people have found a way.

The 1TB is etched, yes – I saw some comparison photos yesterday and it doesn’t look as bad as some feared, but the difference it makes in reflections is huge.

It’s not likely to be OOS like the LCD Deck was at launch, Valve said they should be able to manage demand; but the 1TB seems to be the one most people want, I was told to expect delays.