What's the last bit of tech you bought?

The only iTunes Extra I’ve ever watched was the Black and Chrome Fury Road (amazing!) so I’m not that bothered.

My point was more that if you have an Apple TV you can still switch to Android and not lose out on anything material.


I was actually watching that at the time you wrote this!

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You know, I thought the same about going in the other direction. Until a few months ago I was Note 20 Ultra 5G + Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. I’d had the odd iPhone through work and was a big fan of the iPod Touch in the early days, but I always preferred Android.

Then I decided to just go all in and make the switch (there were a few other influences that made the switch a no-brainier). It really wasn’t that difficult to go over to iPhone in the end, and I managed to sell all my old tech on eBay for a really good price.

I’ve been eyeing up a watch and the AirPod Pros. I think I may just go for the SE for the watch - it seems to do everything I need at a really good price, then I want to replace the Galaxy Buds Lives I’ve got (which by the way are a nightmare to keep in your ears).

Onto the topic of the last bit of tech I bought - I’ve just bought a pair of Tado wired smart thermostats to swap out my not so smart thermostats. I’ve been looking at a few different options, but the Tado seemed to be the easiest straight replacement at the best price with a good feature set too.

I may branch out and swap my TRVs for smart ones, but I do already have a good amount of control over the system with two separate plumbed zones already in a relatively small flat, so the TRVs can wait for now.


AirPods delivered. Maybe I should be buying all my launch day Apple products from Amazon. If I’d got in early with Apple as part of the launch day crowd, id be waiting til next week!

I really like Royal Mail these days with their planes and drones. Makes the next day delivery service possible between the highlands and the rest of the U.K.

People who preordered iPhones for launch day delivery found that they didn’t even ship on launch day, so perhaps not!

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Thankfully my new iPhone and AirPods both arrived launch day and I ordered direct from Apple. My S8 watch was a couple of days after launch though.

But then I avoid buying anything from Amazon :smile:

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Sweet little attention to detail from Apple; the engraving on the AirPods shows up in the little pop up when they are near your phone


Finest & Warmest?

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You don’t individually name your pods?

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Didn’t even know you could do that. All my devices are what Apple names them, so didn’t bother to check if I can


Ah so yeh the name. In the Churchill War Rooms there’s a weather plaque that describes the weather up above the bunker;

For some reason I liked “Fine & Warm” so named my AirPods that, over the default name.

When I lost pair 1, Pair 2 was Finer & Warmer… and now I’m on Pair 3 :slight_smile: [although pair 3 is an upgrade rather than a loss at least]

Hope I don’t lose these tho


Most Finest & Most Warmest? Finestest & Warmestest? :laughing: Although this has Find My (and a lanyard loop!!) so hopefully it won’t come to that

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You are brilliant!

Hah yes hopefully the findmy will work out if they do ever wander off. Findest and Warmest maybe.

really should rename my iPhone and watch tbh.

And yes the land yard strap. Looking forward to seeing who makes good accessories in that space

Just ordered a Meater wireless thermometer before they increase the price next month. Found a 20% off code too.

Looking forward to using it with fish, steak and with Christmas on the horizon the turkey too :turkey:


Somehow just bought a Macbook Pro 14 that I have no need for and have never even considered buying.

Seemed to good a deal not too. I think I have a problem :man_shrugging:t4:.

Trying to justify it in my head as it’s ridiculously cheap for 1TB (which I would never ordinarily pay for) and any revised models are likely to have a big price hike.

Now I need to sell my M1 Air and Mini to fund it.


Quite a few of us are Apple/tech addicts, you’re in good company. Enjoy


I have that same model and it’s the best machine I’ve ever owned. There’s talk of the M2 version appearing in a few months’ time, but I don’t think it’s going to add too much extra to what is already a very powerful and long-lasting device.

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Hey if you decide you don’t need it I am always available to buy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And, how much do you cost? :joy: