What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Speaking of Nest, does anyone use there thermostat? Kinda tempted but not sure it’s worth it


That’s one of the things ive ordered and will plug into HOOBS for HomeKit, Again, i’ll update if and when the purchase actually goes through :frowning:

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I have the thermostat and it works well. Really easy to self install as well.
Best feature is turning your heating off when there’s no one in the house, for that alone it’s saved me. Better than a basic timer or routine.

Oh really? What thermostat do you have? This is the thing that bothers me, I have one ordered but I don’t want to fork out to have it installed when I’m quite a technical person.

Edit: I just watched this video which makes it look super easy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHKD-9uI24I

But what about the heatlink?

Ahh im an idiot, thats for America and they don’t need a heat link :confused: Not sure I like the idea of playing near the boiler, could get expensive :joy:

I have a nest thermostat too and I love it. We’ve saved so much with its eco mode :leaves:

Our heat link stopped working the other week and I dreaded the cost of getting a replacement and having it reinstalled. I thought I’d try my luck with Google support and the level of service I received was first class.

Not only do you yet a personal advisor assigned to you but they do video calls with you to help diagnose the issue. They actually chase you for bits and pieces instead of the reverse too.

In the end they paid for everything. Replacement part and the cost of the plumber who originally diagnosed the issue and again when they returned to install the replacement heat link.

In addition to this they gave me a free stand too that are around £40 as we had a cheap Chinese knockoff one.

So even if things do go wrong, you’ll be well looked after.


We just had a basic thermostat, like one with a little section you flip down for more buttons but hell on earth to program :joy:
Couldn’t wait to rip it off the wall. The heat link from Nest looks so smart in comparison.
The app guides you step by step in installation, guiding you to take pictures and you even get little wire label stickers in the box to keep track of things.
Honestly couldn’t have been easier :+1:

oh maybe ill give it a bash then :slight_smile: Thanks

What is the upload speed?

Also a dedicated 5G router may get better speeds, I was waiting for 3 to roll out 5g in my area so i could use it as broadband but it looks like I’ll be getting fttp before that happens as fttp is going live soon.

Yes! I particularly love it telling me how much energy we’ve not used every month. After it learns your behaviour, it’s rare you need to make drastic adjustments!


Interesting, I assumed I could simply replace existing thermostat with the Nest, but it’s possible I was looking at the US product page.

Effectively the controller is just a device that recieves power and connects wirelessly to the Heat Link then I take it?

Yes, it is.

The controller (good-looking round-thing on the wall) connects to the heat-link (standard looking square-thing mounted next to the boiler) via WiFi. The square thing connects directly to your boiler/heating source using [cough] wires. I have the first-gen Nest thermo which I replaced the usual archaic thermostat with. My boiler is a combi-boiler and so the hot water is managed by the manual thermo in the boiler and the heating is managed by the Nest. I paid £270 for the Nest thermo when it first launched in the UK in early 2014 which controls only heating (the US version controlled both heating & Air-con) - and it paid for itself in the first year. Outstanding savings. Plus analytics. Highly recommended.

I have a few Nest Protects too, which have certainly been worth it, BUT - the first gen protect has a 7-year sensor which has just popped up as expiring at the end of this year. So I’m going to have to replace these with new ones (they have a 10y lifetime) :slightly_frowning_face:

Despite the price, Nest is quality stuff.


Yep as above :point_up:

I have the latest 3rd gen smart learning thermostat. So it analises how you use your heating, temperatures, what days and times and so on and it adapts to be more efficient.

I just wish they did smart radiator valves too so you can control the temp in each room.


Thanks all for sharing your thoughts on nest thermostats.

Now that I live in a home that already has a system in place to support one of these devices without much work, a smart thermostat will likely be next smart home purchase. Nest is the one I’m liking the look of most.

Yup - had the Nest Thermostat for about 3 years and love it. Great bit of kit.


Latest bit of tech


I’m here in the dark ages with a hard wire system. (No heatlink just a hard wire that connects when heat is required) Oil fired heating eh.

It’s not even electronic so next most likley will not be possible.

Can always check here :slight_smile:

There are options for oil central heating, I was looking the other day at radiator values so it’s possible

I think I’m gonna have to get one of the Nest WiFi units. Although I have 500mb speeds with Virgin now, the connection is spotty in some of the rooms in my new apartment (I’ve just moved).

Anyone else have one? I’m guessing that just one unit will do, as I already have a hub going from the room where the router is into the living room. Does the Nest WiFi replace your router or append it? Ie, will both the Superhub and the Nest WiFi transmit, or will I need two Nest WiFi units?

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