What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Definitely counts as tech. What are you getting?

I’ve waited 5 months so far and still have another 8 to go :sob:.

Does a lawnmower that I have to push count as tech?

I couldn’t justify/afford a robot one :frowning:


Bought myself a second hand xbox series s yesterday along with 12months of Live Gold that I then upgraded to Game Pass Ultimate for £1.

I wasn’t very productive for the rest of the day, and counting down to quitting time now to get back at it.

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I’m off to the US at the end of the week so bought myself an AirTag to throw in my suitcase :sunglasses:


You should have bought the full 36 months before converting!

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I’d be interested.

I got these last Prime Day. Cordless garden tools are great value these days.

I was tempted to but figured it was more sensible to buy 12months and see how much I use it

im getting a tiguan life … it better worth the wait lol

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Decided to take the plunge …


This morning when reading this, still asleep I may add. I understood you to be saying you’re watching countdown until your new car arrives. Didn’t make much sense at the time, now I’m fully awake it makes perfect sense. :rofl::sob::rofl:


ha ha ha :smiley:

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What difference? The sequential read write speeds are faster but unless you are copying from one NVMe drive to another that’s hardly a relevant number for an average user. The actual performance for things like game load times should be about the same right?

Looks some bit of kit, enjoy

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I’m regretting not going for the 36 months but AFAIK after 12 months if it expires you can do the same thing again, or use one of the codes from turkey (dodgy as crap IMO but if microsoft honour it meh.). Personally I don’t play enough games to ever justify full price.

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I got my codes from Turkey (on eneba).

I just can’t believe they haven’t shut down the loophole yet. Has to be a matter of time.

I don’t know what you mean, watching countdown until Thursday sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

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PCIE is something like 7x faster for read / write than SATA.

You’ll notice that in boot times, file operations and also when using swap memory.

I’m no expert in this area but I’d definitely say it should be noticeable day to day.

You can see the difference that PCIE4 makes in games like Rift Apart on PS5. The game mechanics would literally be impossible on earlier hardware.

Again though ‘7 times faster’ is just the sequential read write speed - only relevant to when you copy a large file between two drives at that speed.

Unless you are sitting there with a stopwatch you won’t notice any difference with things like game load times, eg Best SSD for Gaming: PCIe 4.0 vs 3.0 vs SATA vs HDD Load Time Battle - YouTube

You’ll find similar videos around for boot times etc but basically game load times and boot times don’t really have anything substantial to do with sequential read / write.


Does anyone have any experiences of signal boosting for wifi?

If I sit next to the router I get 70 Mbps on the wireless. Upstairs in my office, it’s down to 3 Mbps. Suddenly a house with solid walls isn’t so good!

I moved the router last night so it’s sort of below me and that got me back up again, but that was yesterday and today its super slow

Have you considered switching to a mesh system?