Amazon Prime Day 2021

Fridge/freezer, no, because the risk/reward balance only works if they’re left on.

Washing machine, though? I do turn that one off! And the same for the dryer. Is that abnormal?

Probably sensible.

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My mum won’t even let us leave the house unoccupied with the washing machine/dryer turned on at the wall 🤦😂


I was trying to ignore Prime day, but I just saw the fire stick 4K ‘lightening’ deal for £19 and given we’ve eyed one for a while, seemed worth it.

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This isn’t actually the best move, Smart plugs are probably as much a fire risk as anything else in the house. I think you are likely replacing one risk with another there.

Also, just a note to those talking about tumble driers, most smart plugs aren’t rated to that kind of wattage so using one on a tumble drier would likely be a direct fire risk. Not sure about kettles, I’m sure you’ve checked but some large or powerful kettles also draw way more power than smart plugs are normally rated to.

If I order something on a virtual card on Amazon do refunds work the same? Even if the card has been cancelled? Mainly as I’ve found a new desk :heart_eyes:

Haven’t got a smart plug on my dryer, or washing machine, or dishwasher. As you say, they may over-load the plugs.

With the kettle, I checked before using, and my kettle’s max draw is under what the plug is rated for. You say there may still be a risk with smart plugs, but if one of my smart plugs is going to be faulty, it will be faulty wherever I’ve plugged it in. So in terms of risk/reward, it’s a trade-off I accept. In my ledger, no plug/risk of kettle being left on all day is much higher (because I’m a zombie in the morning and will leave it on so many times; being able to check my phone when I get to work and turn it off then if needed is much better for my peace of mind - and my timekeeping - than turning around and going home again to check).

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I’ve had expensive Sonicares and Oral Bs and for my money this is just as good, at the fraction of the price.

I’ve confirmed my middle age status, by getting excited over new cordless gardening tools.

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Loving the same day delivery. Most of my grabs came a hour after I ordered! Even tho it was stuff I didn’t even need :frowning:

I went for the Oral B Genius X in the end - £99.00 with Prime discount, plus £10.00 voucher, plus the £7 for topping up the gift card:


The same day delivery almost killed my bank account when it arrived in my town.

I used to have a fairywell. They’re great for the price.

Also in the market for a good 4k 120hz tv but the pickings are very slim on amazon.

Got personally put off by the lg/webos ones as there app store not being great. Think theyve only recently got iplayer and itv hub?

Been considering getting a Kindle Fire HD 10 but I understand there’s no NowTV app for it, which is disappointing as I use my current tablet mostly for watching streaming TV/films.

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Doesn’t really bother me, I’ll tend to use a 4K Fire TV Stick if needed. I don’t use iPlayer or ITV Hub either. :grimacing:

Decided to complete the set and get a mower too. I now have an extra brand new trimmer I need to flog.


I got the HD 8 Plus and it is perfect for my intended use, however, it is very small and won’t be to everyone’s liking.

Got the Netflix and Disney+ apps on it, as well as BBC iPlayer, the three I can download from.

Three months free Kindle Unlimited and, as I bought it mainly as a Kindle and mini portable TV app device, I am happy so far.

Ordered yesterday, arrived today. Cost me £39.99 net of offers and promotions, so price point okay for me too.

Time will tell if I use it as much as I deliberated over it.


Well, I really pushed the boat out.
After hours of browsing, I managed to buy a new power bank.
And that was only because the good lady hogs the one we already have :joy:


We just got in under the wire on a Prime Day purchase, but see that the same item is back as a lightning deal today

No suspicions of subterfuge or anything; they probably just have an allotted number they had put aside for a sale. It did mean we got the other item we were looking at for the Prime Deal price the other side of midnight when it was not applying correctly before, so all is gravy

So if there was anything you had your eye on, but did not get to, it might be worth looking again during Wednesday

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  • Blink Mini indoor camera - half price at £1* 4.99. Doing sterling service in the shed
  • Echo Dot 4th gen - to upgrade the KitchenDot - silly price of £14.99 with voucher I had
  • a Shark cordless vacuum at £170 off!