What video game are you playing at the moment?

(John) #147

I got stick from my manager as she thinks it’s funny I’m taking holiday for a game. Luckily I work with a lot of gamers so they are supporting haha!



Yeah, had a few hours running around in it last night. I got very much into the first game so I’ve been looking forward to this.

It’s definitely beta quality, but we’re just playing an older build so they can tweak their servers ready for release. They’re doing some server maintenance this morning to try and help with the disconnects.

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Got the legion of dawn version off cd keys as well. Never had an issue with them but best not asking where their source is! :rofl:

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Battlefield 5 for me although I am neglecting AC Odyssey and Origins.


(Barry Freeman) #151

Never had a console. Been a PC gamer all my life. Played WoW for 13 years but quit last year. The games I play now are Diablo3, Star Trek Online and FInal Fantasy IV.

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(Andy Roberts) #152

Not playing anything new on PS4, so I am defaulting back to Overwatch on the whole. On the Switch I’m currently playing Dead Cells, which is unique and wonderful, and have recently started playing Trials Rising. Both of those are available on PS4 too but they really suit the Switch.


(Tom) #153

God of War & christ, it’s unbelievably good! :+1:t3: :grin: #BOY

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(Jordan) #154

Just finished Persona 5 after about 108 hours of gameplay - now have the difficult decision whether to start NG+ or try to finally finish The Witcher 3…


(Andy Roberts) #155

It really is. A wonderful story, well-written and superbly acted. And the combat is so much fun!


(Thomas Allan) #156

Zelda BOTW. Didn’t give it a chance when I first got my Switch and played other games. Now I’m struggling to put it down.

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