What video game are you playing at the moment?

(Splodf) #127

Glad it’s not just me. None of mates are even considering it after how bad and expensive Destiny 2 has been, but since think it’s amazing.

(Stephen Ward) #128

Jump Car. It’s simple, frustrating and wonderful

(Richard) #129

Pre ordered the legion of dawn version off CDKeys at the start of the week!

Had a blast with the VIP demo despite server problems!

View it as Titan fall, destiny and iron man suits rolled into one :+1:


Had a run around in it, but it didn’t really click with me. Enjoyed it a bit once I’d unlocked the Interceptor, but then found I could waltz through waves of baddies just mashing the melee button.

Managed to get through a stronghold with a team of randos, that was kinda fun.

(Tom) #131

Was on The Evil Within then RDR2 came out & got prioritized. 138hrs later, I’m literally just about done & about to go back to The Evil Within then to God of War :cold_face:

(Matt C) #132

I love both of those games! :smiley:

(Tom) #133

@BristolMatt Not played many survival horror’s so wanted to give it a whirl. Is The Evil Within 2 worth playing too?

(Eve) #134

Is anyone going to get Jump Force? I’ve been seeing lots of trailers and character demos and it looks AMAZING!! It’s like Street Fighter x1000 and if you love Shounen Jump manga this is pretty much all your childhood faves coming to life :heart_eyes: it’s available on XBox One, PS4, and PC and will be released mid Feb. The backgrounds and effects are so gorgeous and their abilities are true to character, all their iconic skills :fire:
Apart from the popular ones like Naruto, One Piece, etc. I can’t believe they have Hunter x Hunter, even Saint Seiya

(Jordan) #135

After the 14 year wait since Kingdom Hearts II, I’m so happy to say I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts III and IT. IS. GLORIOUS.

Sora, Donald and Goofy all back in my life smashing up Heartless, Nobodies and The Unversed… couldn’t be any sweeter.

(Matt C) #136

I’ve not actually played it yet but have heard it is good!

(Gavin) #137

Picked up Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Switch the other day. Currently working my way through that.

I’m also working through Far Cry 5 on the PC, but that’s a much longer project!

(Splodf) #138

What’s it like. It’s in my unplayed pile (with about 30 others), worth picking up?

(Gavin) #139

It’s very pretty, but as platformers go it’s quite tricky. There are some stages that I’ve had to continue a number of times (the sawmill…), but as long as you make a point of collecting the big coins you can buy more lives in the shops. Worth playing though.

(Marc Dando) #140

Almost finished year one in Stardew Valley. Enjoying the farm life :sweat_smile:

(Nick) #141

Donkey Kong Country in a nutshell, then :rofl:

I remember playing DKC on the SNES back in the day. That was insanely hard. Not just having to be pixel-perfect, but the number of leaps-of-faith required, and all the hidden areas where if you drop off the screen at just the right place you get something special instead of dying. For the latter, I don’t know anyone who actually found those areas themselves as opposed to reading about them in a SNES Power guide or similar.

(Gavin) #142

Yup, it hasn’t changed much! There’s a lot of on-rails sections, particularly mine carts where timing has to be perfect.

Also playing Stardew Valley on the Switch. Put about 200 hours in already. Married “Penny”, with two kids and a cat. Happy days…:slight_smile:

(John) #143

I got into year 3 on my Switch! Great game!

(John) #144

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 14 for last couple of years. Shadowbringers their next expansion is due out in July so just booked 10 days holiday to play it haha!

(Splodf) #145

Anyone on the Division 2 beta?

I’ve not got through the first mission as I keep being kicked. Seems really promising though.

(Tom) #146

I admire and respect this. If/when The Last of Us: Part 2 comes out, I will try to take at least 1 day off work to give it the attention it so deserves but I reckon I’ll get stick from the mrs! :sweat: