What video game are you playing at the moment?

(Splodf) #107

I just tried the newest Destiny dlc last night. At the moment it’s still an avoid for me.

(Tom Shorey) #108

That’s a shame. On the Xbox it’s a very different game, took me ages to get used to it. I’ve given up trying to master the timed shooting thing.

(Ryan Kirk) #109

I’m now currently on Spyro Remastered :smile:
Taking me back to the childhood again!!

(Splodf) #110

So Switch people…

Tell me you’ve picked up a copy of Gris and cried at the soundtrack? It must be one of the most haunting, beautiful pieces of video game art I’ve ever experienced.

See SkillUps review: https://youtu.be/PehrCkdrfd8

(John Biondini) #111

Anyone playing Smash Bros Ultimate? :star_struck:

(Only available in amateur ) #112

Will be in 11 days🎄

Is it that good?

(John Biondini) #113

I loved the previous ones and majority of the Nintendo lineup so it’s amazingly packed with new content. Some of the battles in the spirit mode are a bit bonkers but as usual, I think the game shines when played with friends and online! :slight_smile:

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #114

So tempted to get a Switch (despite having no money courtesy of Christmas!), but I barely get to play on my PS4 or my Mac (via Steam) as it is so I’m worried it will just sit unused after an initial blast.

(Nick) #115

That’s why I haven’t bought a console since the Xbox 360. Videogames need a certain amount of time investment and I just don’t have it any more.

(Um, except for, er, when I did; SNES Classic last year, has sat unused since about Februrary. Oops. And a Playstation Classic earlier this month, currently having a blast with Destruction Derby, but realistically it’ll be all over by Christmas won’t it? :expressionless: )

(Richard) #116

Yep…my 360 has been in the attic since my little girl was born 5 years ago.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #117

Wow, this thread got sad fast!

I’m going to boot up the PS4 and play some Fortnite like the young-uns do. I’ll let you know how I get on!


I never have time to sit down and boot up the PS4, and when I do, my son beats me to it!

So I’m restricted to the 3 minute wonders of things like Clash Royale.

But… Anyone played Brawl Stars (the new SuperCell game?)

It’s very good! :smiley:


I finish work early today to use up my remaining hols. I’ll have the house to myself for the afternoon and will be hammering the PS4.

(Nick) #120

In happier news, not so long ago I posted this:

Delighted to say, I’ve smashed it, lads.

I think I may also have watched a little too much of I’m a Celebrity… in the meantime.


I’ve got that on iPad. It’s very stressful. I don’t like it when abstract shapes get angry at me.

(Ben ) #122

Ugh - MiniMetro became the bane of my life for a fair few months lol

(Nick) #123

It really does keep you on your toes. I found it a lot more stressful before I stumbled upon two strategies that combine to be incredibly effective.

  1. Keep a line in reserve to use for emergency shuttling. I used to make routes with every line more or less as soon as I got it, but if you use n-1 then when that one station is overloaded with triangles you can make a one stop line from that station to a triangle station.

  2. Especially in the later stages; Always. Be. Pausing. Much easier to assess the state of your network and plan what you need to do when paused. Then you can spot the line that isn’t working and redraw it, or where you need to put your temporary line first, or in some cases where you need to recreate your entire network.

Those are the two general strategies anyway. Granted even with those in hand, with each map you still have to figure out what the most effective upgrades to pick each week are. Do you bank some bridges knowing you don’t need them just yet but might not get offered more for many further weeks? Or is that extra carriage desperately needed?

(Nick Slade) #124

RDR2 (obviously)

(Splodf) #125

Anyone playing through the Anthem demo/beta on the store this weekend? Seems to run 100 times better then the private beta last weekend.

I think it’s pretty spectacular to be honest!


Yeah it’s been awesome! Few server drops this afternoon and various bug/glitches but very promising!