What video game are you playing at the moment?

(Stephen Ward) #85

Just finished Inside on xbox. It’s a great left to right platform puzzler. Very atmospheric & weird. I’ve got Senua’s Sacrifice queued up next.


I haven’t called my son anything other than ‘Boooyyy!’ (in a deep voice) for months now. He’s 29 next week.

(Matt C) #87

Hope you “enjoy” it. I was really moved by the game, which was unlike anything I’ve ever played before.


I’m having to go back and play the original Red Dead as I havent played it before and the second one looks awesome. Finding it a little hard to get into initially, but I think that’s because it feels a little old.

(Simon B) #89

I’d love to jump in to Red Dead and 2, but I’m still only partway through Shenmue 1 & 2 HD, and then I’ll be playing Soul
Calibur 6 after that which just came out. It’s on my list though

(Tom Shorey) #90

Just made the mistake of buying Football Manager 2019. After a couple years staying away, I’m back to quick lunch break sessions and late nights.

(Simon) #91

FM 2019 and Dragon Quest XI. Two very different but very good games.

(Gareth) #93

Started Red Dead Redemption 2 this morning on my Xbox One X. Loving it so far. It looks and feels amazing!

(Ryan Kirk) #94

I’m loving it too!
Feels so different from the 1st one


So just got back into God of War after completely forgetting about it. Spent the last 5 hours playing it and it’s been great, barely even noticed the time go by

(Matt C) #96

I LOVED that game. Very tempted to play it again!


It’s been much better than I expected. Only downside is my 1st gen PS4 sounds like a jet engine playing it :joy:


I’m playing AC Odyssey, it’s really good, I’m liking the choices you have to make, questions you ask just like in Elder Scrolls.

(Marc Dando) #100

Just bought Firewatch from the Playstation store for £4.99 :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking, it’d be cool if the transaction logo that shows up in the Monzo feed was the logo for the actual game :smiley:

Would probably be a tricky thing to pull off :sweat_smile:

(Richard) #101

Dragon Age: Inquisition on the 360…

As in I started it about 5 years ago, then my daughter was born and my 360 has been left to gather dust ever since…


I loved Firewatch, and may have had a tear in parts!

(Steve Daniels) #103

I’ve just bought FIFA 19 on the Switch after foolishly believing the marketing.

It’s just FIFA 18 with new marketing. As someone who usually appreciates fine tunes that are made to the series this is literally a copy and paste job, even the commentary was the same.

Worst part of this is 365games don’t accept open returns, even for someone like me who buys all their games from them.

(Nick) #104

Loaded Steam for the first time in ages with the intention of installing a couple of games purchased from BF sales.

Instead I noticed Mini Metro had downloaded an update that introduced some new maps and achievements since the last time I played it, so I’ve been trying to 100% that again instead. Currently stuck at 43/45. :sob:

(Matt C) #105

I loved that game! :smiley: Been a whole since I played it.

(Thomas) #106

Firewatch is really great indie game. I like also The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, very similar game with great story and graphics. https://store.steampowered.com/app/258520/The_Vanishing_of_Ethan_Carter/?

But currently playing The Call of Cthulhu on my new graphics card Asus RX Vega :slightly_smiling_face: