What video game are you playing at the moment?


I want to buy Forza so bad, but I’ve not played my xbox in ages I fear it will go unloved

(Simon B) #63

I’m halfway through the Shenmue 1 & 2 remaster at the moment! (As in, just finished Shenmue 1 last night). Every bit as magical as I remember. In fact, even better.

Btw… for anyone here who has Playstation Plus, Sony just confirmed that Yakuza : Kiwami will be one of the free games next months and I hugely recommend it!

(Gareth) #64

Another post for Forza here! I am absolutely loving it. I haven’t bought much for myself recently and knew I would buy all of the DLC anyway so splashed out on the ultimate edition.

10/10 would race again!

(Richard) #65

Still playing PUBG & BF4… waiting for BFV :no_mouth:

(Matt C) #66

It’s AC day and I still don’t know if I am going to buy it or not…


I always wait a week or so for new AC titles, especially after all the glitches with Unity…


Dunno what you mean, it was perfect.

(Matt C) #69

Yeah, but I am a bit of a weirdo and always buy games straight away and then race through them so I can get as much money back as possible by trading in… Mainly because I can’t really afford to get them in the first place.


Just picked up an Xbox One so it’s a bit of Forza Horizon 4 and a bit of Gears of War (for nostalgia). Also playing through Assassins Creed 3 on the PC, too far in to start it again on the Xbox One.

Is Unity worth playing now - kind of want to play it for completeness or should I just skip over it?

(Gareth) #72

Considering it goes for 79p on CDKeys, I would say it’s worth a go. I have heard it is better but I am not sure by how much as I haven’t played it

(John) #73

Did anyone play Ori and the Blind Forest when it came out on Xbox? Amazing graphics and music! There will be a second one which looks even better!!

(Matt C) #74

I think I officially have AC fatigue. My friends are playing Odyssey and loving it, but I just feel like i am going through the motions. :frowning:

(Matthew) #75

Battlefront 2 - it’s as enjoyable as it is frustrating


There doesn’t seem to be an official thread for PS4 related stuff - So if @Jackcrwhitney want’s to make one (if it’s worth it), feel free.


Sony have announced you can now change your PSN ID (first time free, second time $10 or $5 if a PS Plus member).

Should be live for everyone by early 2019.


I bought God of War while it was discounted on PSN and I love my violent son.

(Richard) #78

Installed Forza Horizon 4 on the X last night… what a pretty game in 1080p… will give it a crack tonight in 4k HDR

(Andy) #79

Feel free to mention @Coral-Crew if you need us!


It was more because I knew Jack was a PS4 fanboy!

(Jack) #81

What runs through my head each time someone tags @Coral-Crew


(Matt C) #84

Awesome game :scream: