Lost phone

I have lost my phone in barcelona! how am I able to see if anyone has been accessing my monzo account on my phone? Can I prevent anyone transferinf funds etc?

They need your pin/fingerprint to transfer funds. I assume it was locked?


If you’re able to contact Monzo I would and ask them to freeze your card/account if possible.

Having said that I believe that if someone has access to your Monzo app then they’d need your pin (and/or biometrics) at the very least to transfer funds out.

EDIT: Contact details:
UK: 0800 802 1281 Abroad:+44 20 3872 0620


Yes they would need your card pin / Touch ID to transfer funds out of your account.

As mentioned above, I would contact monzo at help@monzo.com to freeze your card / account / remote logout (not sure tho if they can do this) just incase they somehow can use it

I would also highly suggest locking your device / wiping it via Find My iPhone / the android device manager, if possible. That way no one can access your phone if it does not have a passcode, and if someone finds it, you can display a message to try and get it back to you.


We can remote logout :+1:


Just out of interest, can you remote logout without freezing the card? If I was to lose my phone and presumably still have my card, I wouldn’t want the card frozen and I wouldn’t be able to Xfer money to another account without the app.

Obviously it’s always wise to have backup money regardless of bank used.

We can, they are separate actions that we can perform on your account :+1:


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