What to do if phone is lost/stolen while travelling?

I have noticed when comparing the backs of most bank cards that the bank contact details are in small print so in some cases it is hard to make out the phone number (and on some, email address). Perhaps it would be good to print any contact information like a phone number slightly bigger than the rest of the text. This would aid those with less than perfect vision or those trying to call when stressed (perhaps having issues with their card while travelling)


Then it would probably be best for Monzo to send an automated email on arrival, in case both card and phone were lost/stolen.

Factor in that some countries have non-standard international dialing arrangements (I think @anon44204028 mentioned Finland recently, there may be others) so the international number may not be correct from such countries. An automated email with local info would prove useful as webmail can be accessed from any device.

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I wonder if it’s possible to add a card to your contacts when an account is opened with relevant details?

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To bring this thread back to life, I don’t think the issue of getting a replacement card has been addressed yet or accessing your funds to transfer them to another card (a backup).

I’ve had two cards lost/stop working in the past. One was a Cash Passport Globe, just randomly stopped working. Travelex who were still running the card then initially wanted to charge me to access my money. In the end they had to make Western Union payments as they were unable to send a new card even to mainland Spain.

In Chile, I had a problem with Supercard. Again, no replacement card available. Fortunately that card didn’t carry any funds.

So what is Monzo’s position (or what will it be), Will Monzo send a new card (at cost is fine), anywhere in the world if the traveller encounters a problem? Whilst waiting for the card, will Monzo be able to make emergency transfers to a pre-nominated account?

All of these would be helpful to a someone who travels a fair amount, but even more important for someone who only has one holiday a year.

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Yes they will -

I don’t know about this I’m afraid.

I’m not sure how else Monzo can improve on this, until they can generate a replacement virtual card, do you have any suggestions?

Hmm… Once Monzo has current accounts (required) and if you have some phone with you, you’ll be able to go for bank transfer from Monzo to ‘anything’. Using your example, you can setup your own transfer from Western Union or other supported network. Western Union supports bank transfers, so even with your card gone, you can wire yourself some cash, amiright? < insert philosoraptor here>

It doesn’t solve your question when both phone and card are RIP, that’s very intriguing problem to solve, anyone any thoughts? :smiley:

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Yes! We can arrange this at no extra cost :slightly_smiling_face:

We can arrange a transfer of your balance to another account as long as the name on the account matches the name linked to your Monzo account.

Hope this helps!


@Naji Just to get full picture… Would this option be available only via app chat, or via phone call too? If that’s so, that would answer my earlier theoretical situation.

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@Avishai technically yes! But it would be more straightforward to reach out in the app if possible :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally get that, app > phone call, I’d prefer it too. Thanks for clarifying. :smiley:

For that situation I’d probably borrow someones phone, install monzo and login to my email via web then log into monzo that way. From there I could order new card. After that just log out and delete monzo.


Hi I’ve lost my card in a taxi in Stockholm how do I stop my payments??

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that. You can freeze your card in the app.

If you’re on iOS or have the latest update for the Android app, just go to the Card tab & tap the freeze button :snowflake:

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the option to order a replacement card.

If you’re going to be away for a while longer, the support team should be able to send you a replacement, if you message them via the in-app chat.

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I have lost my phone with app on - can I do this from desktop mac?

I’m afraid not, you’ll need to email the support team at help@monzo.com to ask them to deal with this instead.


Or you can phone them on +44 20 3322 4650 if that’s easier (detailed earlier in this thread).

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Just froze my card. There’s no option to order a replacement.

Here’s what you should see when you freeze your card, I’m not 100% sure but I expect this works the same way on Android..

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Nope. Nothing. Just frozen and no other options. On the prepaid you used to be able to order a spare but it seems they’ve removed pretty much the only feature I ever joined Monzo on the new Monzo Bank app now :frowning:

That recording is from the current account app :slight_smile: I’d recommend sending the support team a quick message & I’m sure they’ll get you sorted in no time!

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