Lost phone and worried about someone accessing my monzo app

Hey, what would your advice be on this situation.

I’ve recently lost my phone which hasno locking feature enabled. I can’t report this to monzo through a desktop website as they don’t have a desktop version.

I’m worried how easy it is for someone to log into my APP and start transfering.

They’d need your PIN so don’t worry. There is https://web.monzo.com too to freeze and re-order your card. If there’s no lock though they may be able to set up direct debits if they can easily get into the app - you may want to call Monzo and ask them to remotely log you out. If you were signed into Google you may also be able to wipe your device remotely.


To transfer money they will need your pin

As the other 2 have said - they will need your pin.

Do you have any security on your Monzo app like fingerprint?

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I assume your Monzo app isn’t locked either?

First thing I’d advise you to do in this circumstance is change your email password. It’s the key to unlocking so much of our lives these days.

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Who is your email with?
Is it an android phone or an iphone?

Freeze your card firstly.

Oh yeah I forgot the pin. By chance it’s gmail I use as my email so I can look into that thanks.

:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: No lock at all is scary, do you have your email account on your phone as well? I’d be more worried about that. If you have Gmail you should use the “Manage devices” option and force the phone to sign out. Also consider changing you email password, and checking that no odd filters have been set up or anything.

As for Monzo, you can force the app to log out on your lost phone by logging in on another phone of the same type. So if an Android phone, use another Android phone to log it; in an Apple phone, use another Apple phone to log in. (You can log out immediately after if it’s a phone you have to hand back to someone else).


Nah there’s no additional security it just has me logged in automatically. It’s a basic smart phone since my iphone broke.

If you sign into monzo on another android it will sign them out of your lost phone automatically

Also log them out of your Gmail account asap.

Go to https://myaccount.google.com/device-activity , you can either sign the phone out , or simply change your password.

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They may not be able to move money out of your account but they’ll be able to move it into any of your pots, rendering your card useless. Something to bear in mind.

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Give us a call - we can log you out of the Monzo app remotely :blush:


It may be worth adding that into the web interface for peace of mind for people? A log out all devices button.


I would call but I don’t have access to a phone lol

lol you know nobody with a phone ?, no friends, no family , no work colleagues … we are trying to help here , but …in all honesty you’re not being very …hmmmm … proactive with your problem :slight_smile:


I do have family but I’m not sure if you may be aware there is a lockdown in the UK atm, due to the rules of lockdown I’m unable to borrow anyones phone, this also means I can’t go into work.
I was more so worried about my money being transferred but that’s not an option since it needs my pin.


Phonebox? Or just email them

Webmonzo has a link to contact chat

sorry, you do seem to be having a lot of problems at the moment, broken iPhone , lost basic replacement phone, can’t replace basic replacement phone - no partner in the house to borrow a phone , no phone in the house , no public phone , hope you get yourself sorted out :+1:

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Just an observation, but there seems to have been a flurry of security-related worries these past few days. Mainly new customers, perhaps?



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