Lost Phone and Card in USA

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I’ve seen a few posts regarding people who have both lost their card and phone, but little as to what to do in these circumstances in order to freeze the card?

I have managed to lose my phone and wallet whilst I’m visiting a friend in New York and am keen to try and freeze my card but not sure what the best way to do this would be?

I have frozen my associated bank cards but without my phone am unable to freeze the monzo card. If anyone has any advice or recommendations for how to block the card I would be happy to hear them,

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Oh my, @nick-kitchen :o Email help@monzo.com and write some ‘urgent’ in the subject. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can borrow your friend’s phone to login to monzo and freeze card?

There’s 0800 8021 456 written on the back of my card.


Hi Avishai,

Thanks for your advice, I hadn’t realised that it wa spossible ot log in through somebody else’s phone. That’s what I ended up doing which was pretty easy to sort and I was able to freeze the card that way.

I got a speedy response form my email too so all in all pretty happy with the outcome (obviously despite being without the phone and card!)

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There is also an international phone number for Monzo, +44 20 3322 4650.

I recommend keeping a note of this when travelling. Unfortunately, the number isn’t listed on their website. It really should be so it’s easy to look up in situations like yours.

Good luck with getting back up and running.

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It is - https://monzo.com/help/ if you scroll to the bottom you find the email and phone numbers. (Interestingly, different ones for CA and PP cards, which I hadn’t noticed before - I think last time I looked at that page, it just had one number).

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Thanks! I even looked at that page and then didn’t scroll far enough down. :confounded:


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