What’s in your wallet?

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Might have been an auto flag because of the use of an inappropriate word which has since been removed


It was a cracking post. Albeit, a bit filthy.

Hopefully that helps :joy:

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Bellroy Wallet

  1. Oyster
  2. Tamden Credit
  3. Driver’s License
  4. Monzo Debit

i use Apple Pay most of the item and where ever possible!

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Intrigued. Is it a stamp-based, sticker-based or swipe style loyalty card?

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Yeah, that’s not appropriate

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Monzo card
Monzo Joint account card
Barclaycard (credit)
Gym card
Driving licence
National ID
£10 cash

23 virtual loyalty/points cards are all in Stocard


Rule of thumb. If I wouldn’t say it then it’s DEFINITELY not acceptable.


As a non-Londoner I’m intrigued, why are people still using Oyster?


It’s faster, pay as you go doesn’t have monthly or yearly capping, and you can’t load discounts onto payment cards.


Faster how? The mechanics of tapping a card takes the same amount of time regardless of if it’s a debit or an Oyster?

The other points are valid, though. I didn’t know any of that was a thing.


The first time I used contactless in London I panicked as the gate wouldn’t open and thought I’d get fined £100s for not tapping correctly and also thousands of angry Londoners behind me would crush me! Turns out it was just taking longer to do an online authentication.


Interesting, I’ve always found it to be instant with my Monzo.

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It definitely does have like a 1/2 second delay vs Oyster.

If you’re using Oyster PAYG it’s the same price, so no financial reason to use it - but if you’re on a season ticket the prices are better.

For the longest time though, the reason I kept my oyster was because I didn’t want TFL transactions cluttering up my bank account.

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We’re talking milliseconds, but my experience is that using an Oyster opens the gates pretty instantaneously. Using contactless has a few milliseconds of lag. This means with Oyster I can generally present the card and carry on walking; with contactless, I need to pause.

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  • Monzo Card
  • Starling and Lloyds backup cards
  • Provisional Licence
  • Co-Op Membership Card
  • Library / Leisure centre card
  • £7.90 change
  • SIM Ejector (has come in use quite a bit, even if not for ejecting SIMs!)

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I’ve linked my Railcard to it, I now get a third discount on any rail travel.

I also use auto top-up which is linked to a cash back credit card, I never have to bother with manually topping up this way.


Really glad I got this. Combined with the student card I get 15% off, it’s brilliant.

PS: like your website :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Starling Debit card
  • Amex Credit Card
  • Halifax Clarity Credit Card
  • Driving License

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Monzo card
NatWest joint account card
Starling card
Post office credit card
First Direct Credit Card
Boots advantage card
Driving license
Cooperative Party membership card
7th-anniversary copper card with poem from ceremony on it