Card arrived so you now have a Monzo resident DJ :D


Hi from Hampshire. Got to admit, love the concept ! Can’t wait to use it tomorrow!!

Would love to know if there could be a feature (when monzo is a bank) that works out all outgoings and keeps to one side, in say a bills account and transfers the remainder to the card to “spend” thats my two pence worth anyway

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #2

Hi @KLASH, welcome to the Monzo community! This is definitely a feature that the team have discussed before. There are some posts, for example, about a predictive feature in the pulse graph which will appear at the top of your Monzo screen in a few weeks time which would work out how much money your regular outgoings will require and show you how much money you really have to spend in the future.


Great ! Would that work in real terms, rather than just say a graph could the account work out all direct debits etc and withhold the correct amount for bills. Not that I have an issue with managing money but it does make life easier is all bills are paid in account A and say account B is disposable and available on the card

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #4

A good question, and one we’ll have to wait and see about when Monzo opens current accounts next year. There are definitely plans to create virtual savings pots and, theoretically, the app could apportion money into a similar pot which it could then use to pay Direct Debits.


That would be awesome and really take any worry away from overspending ! Fingers crossed they impliment it, in the mean time I’m going to do this manually. Leave enough in bank for bill, transfer some to savings and the remainder to my monzo each month and just use that for day to day spends…

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Here’s the previous discussion that Christopher is referring to -