What’s in your wallet?

(Dan) #82

I always feel like I need to tip the driver. I wonder if you can do this if paying by card?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #83

That’s what I’m thinking. I guess there’s a tip option, similar to restaurant bills.

It just seems odd when you’ve never done it :grin:

(Dan) #84

My wallet (a Ted Baker wallet that I am eager to get rid off)

  • Monzo
  • Barclaycard
  • Metro Bank
  • Driving License
  • Work pass
  • Travel card
  • Costco
  • Library card
  • Registered disabled card
  • Gym membership card
  • British bone marrow registry card
  • Waterstones gift card
  • My local town’s loyalty card for local shops


My local taxis don’t have chip and pin readers or online payments. Uber is sketchy down my end too. We are a backwards Northern town on the edge of civilisation :sweat_smile: .


And I thought Oxford was bad… :wink: We don’t have Uber but the major taxi companies have copycat apps.

(Only available in amateur ) #87

Taxi on an app? What is this witchcraft? Paying with a card rather than cash just so they can give you a look when it’s not exact change? Tis a magical world in which you live

(Peter Reid) #88

Same in Belfast, we can pay ahead if we use the uber copycat apps for the 2 main taxi firms but I don’t really trust them to store it properly.


How did this get missed by everyone?! Child & Co?!

(Peter Reid) #90

Not aware of them, care to fill me in?

(Splodf) #91

Private bank. Owned by RBS now off the top of my head.

(Nick) #92

I’m currently using a six-card wallet I stumbled across that I gather the original owner got free from Natwest (actually, there were three; I gave the other two away).

In an ideal world, I think I’d like to use a Ridge wallet, but they are overpriced as f***. My second choice in an ideal world would be a Trayvax Armored Summit, but at £25 (equivalent) it’s just about overpriced, and S+H takes it way over the top.


I don’t have a wallet just a leather card holder thingy

Curve (which I use for all my credit cards)
Barclays Debit
Donor card, Costa, coop, and driving licience are all squished together which pains me :joy:

I use starling but just on Google pay. I have an N26 card which has now been abandoned.

I will seriously consider getting a curve metal card when it comes out and have all my cards on it (except loyalty ones obvs).


How do you guys manage so many cards? I have three and I don’t use two of them (I use one account for saving so don’t touch the card, and my other account Lloyd’s is just unused).

Also, when I move money to my savings account how should I mark it?



(Punit Mannari) #96

Monzo card
N26 metal card
Lloyd’s card
Bet 365 master card
Oyster card…

(Ben) #97

I’ve got a small bi-fold thing by Svanqist I got in the sale - has a handy outside section for easy access but… I carry…

£0 cash.

Monzo card.
Amex Card
Curve Card (which I rarely ever use - might just replace it with a back up credit card)
Monzo Joint Card
Drivers license.

Oh and the loyalty cards for the 2 coffee shops I visit on the regular.

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #98

Too much in my wallet. I need a purge. I think there’s three monzo cards in there :grimacing:

Only one is active.

  • Monzo
  • Driving Licence
  • Tatty old organ donor card that has “take everything, leave the face” drunkenly scrawled across it
  • Emergency tenner

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #100

Why has Punit’s post been flagged??!

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It was edited :wink: