Card Holders vs Purse/Wallet

Hey guys!

So I’m looking to minimise my purse, I’ve recently gotten on board with Monzo and Curve and found that both of these have really allowed me to completely minimise my purse and not overcrowd it with cards that I don’t use/need all the time.

I’m looking to downside to a card holder with a zip: just bought this one actually ( and just wanted to know if any of you guys have gone more minimalist and how it’s worked out for you?

Currently I have a huge purse, with about 30 or so cards in it (most are loyalty cards that never get used) but it’s always a hassle trying to find a specific card I need so I wanted to separate those out.

I also don’t use cash that much and have made it my goal to keep any spare change in the car for parking/emergencies/last minute McDonald’s drive thrus!

So yeah, just wondering on what your thoughts were when you did this or if you’re thinking of doing the same - what’s stopping you?


I’m planning on reducing my purse down to just a card holder, but haven’t got round to it yet.

I have a bit of an issue with buying far too many designer accessories - mainly purses! - so I’m trying to get a good few months run out my latest one before I can justify not using it anymore (it’s also a great excuse to buy the ysl card holder I want haha!).

The plan is to reduce my cards down to my main 4 that I need - Monzo Debit, Amex Charge Card, Driving Licence and Cineworld Unlimited card - and then just carry a few notes in case of emergencies. The only place I use cash is the shop at work because for some reason they won’t install card readers.

ps. Love the ted baker card holder!


Have you guys checked out the Secrid card holders. I have one of their wallets but the card holders come in various colours and styles and are super minimal with a great card release system


The Bellroy Card sleeve is one of the best things I’ve bought!

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I have a slim wallet with just a few cards in, and loyalty cards are either on my phone or the keytag kind which I keep on a ring separate from my actual keys and lurking in my bag - it’s been working for me.

Personally I only carry a very small wallet with Monzo, Curve, TransferWise, credit card and gym pass, and even then I could probably reduce it down even more to a single Monzo with Curve as backup. Been cashless for years now and couldn’t be happier.

I’ve got a Ridge Wallet. I love it because it’s so slim. It’s got a cash band, but I rarely carry cash these days.

I bought the polycarbonate in red which match the Monzo card quite nicely - but from their front page they don’t seem to do them anymore. There’s still a direct link though


I used to use this wallet before everything went mobile :laughing:


But I now use that for just loyalty cards and other bulk plastic cards and I’ve moved on to using this wallet. Its my favourite wallet and love the way I can just flip a switch to get the cards all out :smile: Pricey, but its well worth the investment and its been with me for a year and a bit now.



Got my wallet phone case with space for 2 cards, ID and notes.

I tend not carry ID or cash though and only 2 debit cards including Monzo. All of my loyalty cards are stored on my Phyre app.

Generally a good way to travel as light as possible while still having the essentials.

Couldn’t agree more! I just picked this up recently and I adore it. Look how thin it is! Perfect for my daily carry of Monzo card & gym access card.


I really like certain wallet phone cases, but I just can’t get on board with the idea of keeping everything together. If my phone gets lost/stolen, I also have no money too! So I like to keep them separate!


Trove wallets

The ultimate in small wallets. I love mine.

I carry 2 cards: a credit card without contactless and a contactless debit card (Monzo at the moment) and a note or two.
For contactless payments I don’t have to remove the card.

Highly recommend.


That’s a good idea to have the keytag loyalty cards on a separate ring! I might do that and just keep all loyalty cards in the glove compartment. So at least if I ever need one, it’s just in the car, rather than holding loads of cards around ALL the time.

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If my phone gets lost/stolen, I also have no money too

Well that’s not really surprising when we look at the prices of the latest flagships… :joy:



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I’ll admit this is a bit of a concern of mine too. I still decided to go for it because I’m so frickin forgetful. I used to forget my wallet every other day whereas I only forget my phone a few times a month :crazy_face:

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What? You forget your phone? Who forgets their phone, these days?! I think I’m more likely to leave my head at home than my phone :confounded:


Yup, I forget that too


How pricey are we talking?

I’ve got a Trove too and I love it! Currently packed with about 9 cards overall, it’s a bit of a tight fit but still a great slim card holder/wallet :slight_smile:

I have a GreatShield wallet. Holds about 8 cards.