What’s in your wallet?

(Splodf) #122

That’s a big wallet.

If so have anymore then three cards in my wallet J get irritated!

(Sacha Zarb) #123

I should dump out the CCs, but the bulk stops me losing it :joy:


Monzo card
Driving license
Starling and Halifax debit cards for backup
Tesco credit card
Co-op membership card (it’s about time they had an Apple wallet version!)
£20 just in case
And currently got 5p off a litre of petrol voucher I need to use soon haha.

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #125

I use Stocard (https://stocardapp.com/en/au) to store most ‘loyalty’ cards, meaning I only carry:

  • Monzo card
  • Drivers license
  • Glasgow Subway card
  • Some cash.

All in my Trove wallet.

(Splodf) #126

That’s cool. It looked at one point that GPay would factor all of these loyalty cards in for you. It just never seemed to get integrated as rightly as I hoped (i.e. automatic.)


I tried Stocard for Co-op but found it just doesn’t work on the self service tills. Pretty much every other card I have (subcard, Clubcard, Costa card) all have Apple wallet versions apart from Co-op.

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Monzo (single & JA cards)
Drivers licence
Costco card
Organ donor card (literally card)
SNP members card
RFID blocker card :joy:

(Kevyn) #130

Same here. I couldn’t get it to work at both my local Coop so pretty much gave up using it. I hide my Cop card in a random pocket of my messenger bag so I avoid it in my wallet.

(daniel costin) #131

. Organ donor card
. Nectar card
. Argos card
. Tesco clubcard
. Driving licence
. Monzo card
. Curve card
. natwest card
. Picture of the kids
. £5 cash
. Some old receipts I need to get rid off

(Jolin) #132

At supermarket self-service tills that don’t scan a phone screen, you can enter the card manually. I have to do this with Stocard at some places. You basically choose the ‘enter an item manually’ or whatever the button is that lets you type in the UPC code. Enter your card number (as displayed by Stocard) and it will work. A bit of a pain, but less so for me than having to carry cards around. :grin:

(Dan Mullen) #133

I always just type in my Nectar card number - the staff are always impressed that I can remember it :smiley:

(Chris) #134
  • Monzo card
  • Virgin Money credit card
  • Driving licence
  • Cycling UK membership card
  • Work ID / door pass
  • YubiKey

My Curve card is in the post, so I’m going to start carrying that instead of the credit card. I’m not sure if I’ll stop carrying the Monzo card yet - I’m going to wait and see how the transactions appear in the app.


Monzo card and driving license! :blush:

I have a slim wallet designed just to hold cards, since I rarely have a need to carry cash unless it’s for something specific. So, I just carry the essentials!


Cancelled curve took around 18 days it’s pointless personally now with Apple Pay etc

(Kristian Hoyle-Johnson) #137

I’ve got…

  • A tenner in cash
  • Monzo Card
  • Credit Card
  • My Nectar Card
  • My Drivers License
    I think that’s it.

(Jon Moss) #138

Good morning :slight_smile:

Pioneer carry card holder - great bit of kit…


  • Monzo card
  • Platinum Amex
  • Small amount of cash
  • Revolut Metal (which is not long for this world!)


(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #139

Nice actual wallet… but $65! Sheesh.

I’m a Trove customer (this is not a paid endorsement)… https://www.trove.cc/ - made in England and a lot cheaper!


My Micro Wallet that I bought on Kickstarter

Filled with: driving licence, Monzo and Curve

(Tom) #141

Oooh, that’s pretty smart! $65 though :grimacing: