Monzo branded Oystercard-like holders?


I know this is a very minor thing in the grand scheme of things but wouldn’t it be great to keep our Monzo cards safe in a Monzo card holder similar to the ones that many companies give away as promotional products?

I mainly use my Monzo card to pay for the underground and as an emergency card for when I go running so it never goes into my main wallet but stays either by itself on my running shorts back pocket or in my trouser’s front pocket ready to touch in and out. It would be great if it could have its own place in a Monzo branded card holder, don’t you think?


They sell t-shirts so why not stuff like this. They cost pennies to make then either give them away at events or charge people £1 for them, but not sold on giving them out as standard, seems wasteful, you rarely see people actually using them on the tube. Fairly common promotional items though, my work has a lot of them


I think it’ll be a great idea to send the cards with them when the current accounts are released and :monzo: is out of beta.


Or as a one pound uplift to get one sent.


Given the promotional value of it I’m sure it’s going to be worth it for Monzo to eat the cost. One pound is nothing but I know a lot of people who wouldn’t choose it just because of it.

(Jolin) #6

I feel that including it as standard would create a lot of plastic waste, as most wouldn’t use the holder. So I’m with @JPiz and @HoddzDJ about it being an optional extra, even 50p, so that the only people getting these are ones that actually plan to use it.


Agree. Not only that but it would add weight to the envelope and increase the cost of mailing all the cards.

(Caddi Ranyard) #8

I’m with you on the prevention of waste, especially of the plastic variety. A cover made of recycled material would be a better choice, but sell it to us, don’t give it away.

(Herp Derp) #9

This is how I remember those crappy old plastic wallet things hence I just threw them away whenever I was given one.

Personally I wouldn’t want to see Monzo associated with this type of thing as it just looks cheap and nasty.

(Zach Hart) #10

I agree with @Danny on this. Those types of wallets/holders always rip and show wear very easily. They remind of the bus pass I used to use when I was at school! However, alternatively there could be an option to get a more up-market RFID card holder? Perhaps something like this or this. That would also protect against Contactless fraud. What do you think?


Starling have a stick on card holder, handy for travel and eftpos nfc payment


I guess they do have Android Pay then :wink:


it turns my phone into Samsung Pay ha ha … but joking aside I have been testing Samsung Pay for 2 weeks thanks to a modest budget from a overseas bank and it works well. Still prefer to use my Hot Coral card and get my Google Maps of every purchase

(Not Theresa May) #14

Monzo absolutely needs one of these. Turns heads and probably gets people to ask where they got it from

(Mike) #15

I’ve found mine from Intel has become grim to use after about 2 weeks of being stuck to the back of my phone! I do agree the one from Starling looks pretty good though :sunglasses: