Monzo In The Wild

So I hear lots of bank accounts every day in my job. Never had a customer with Monzo yet??

Anyone came across a fellow Monzo user?

I’ve never seen a single FinTech card yet, except my own.

I’ve not seen anybody with a Monzo or a Starling card. I’m sure I will at some point, as living in London there must be quite a few out and about.

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I see Monzo cards all the time.


Really? Hmmmm maybe I am not in the right places then.

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I spotted a Monzo card in the wild couple of times in London and once in Manchester- and a couple of friends I informed re: Monzo, but signed up via university/ much later on that it was a surprise when they pulled out a Monzo card.

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Just see the queues for the tube at 6pm around Shoreditch - it’s like an army with nothing but Hot Coral cards :heart_eyes:


I see Monzo cards all the time at stations and also at coffee shops.

No sightings of Starling but I have seen Revolut a few times.


90% of the people in my workplace have a monzo card, about 30% also have Revolut.


It’s not uncommon to see a Monzo card in London. Most of the people I know have them.

How this will change once you need to be a current account, we will see.


It was in Dec 2017. The guy in front of me at the McDonalds at Watford Gap Services (classy I know) tried and failed to pay for a meal with a Monzo card at the automatic order point that some McDonalds now have. He walked away hungry.

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Well I have 2, my wife and son have one, 2 of my friends have one, and the local Pub barman has one, and we’re in the wild South West. In fact 4 of these are over-60s, so not even Millenials. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well my Mrs has one! But have seen it twice used by other people… I wanted to chat with them, but thought it might be a bit weird… :rofl:

I have also been asked a few times about the card :slight_smile:

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How did that come about? And why?

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I have two cards as well it’s (in my case) nothing amazing. I have two because they sent me two. It’s as complicated and as simple as that.


I wasn’t aware that they would do that. Thanks for clearing that up :+1:


Yeah I did not ask for it I just had two sent to me. I guess both manufacturers got my order. The white core card arrived first. I have one white core and one coral core card. The colour on the white core card is slightly more orange and less pink looking so that’s the card I use.

Sounds like a quite a few then. Maybe a bit more southern so far…

Not really. Not in comparison to say HSBC or Santander.

I wont front of house in a bank and I actually quite alot of people with monzo
was for some food in Manchester once and the fella sat on the table next to us also had a monzo card :grin:

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