What’s in your wallet?

(Splodf) #62

How can you stand carrying all that change!?

I will begrudgingly carry £3 max in £1 or £2 coins. Anything less then that goes in a charity box or penny jar!

(Watson) #63


  • Monzo card
  • Loyalty Cards (several, assorted)

I stopped carrying change a while back, anyone know of a way to reduce all my loyalty cards into one easy to manage monthly payment loyalty card?
If I did that I could proably get a new, thinner wallet. Or maybe just use a travel card holder.

In fact if my phone (A cat S30) didn’t need a case, I might just get a case and put my card in there.


I was actually thinking about this recently and decided to get all the barcodes printed onto a single card sized piece of card and laminate it. Never got around to it, though!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #65

Have you looked at Stocard for storing your loyalty cards in a scannable app?


Mobile OS have this built in… (G/Apple Pay)

(Graham - Mental health professional) #67

I found it freed me from lugging a bunch of cards around.

(Dan) #68

The problem I’ve experienced with Stocard is that not every retailer will accept it. Boots said they wouldn’t accept it because I’ve shared my details with a company and that doesn’t corroborate with their T&Cs. That was a few years ago though.

(Drew sanders) #69

In my superdry leather wallet

Driving licence
Photos of children
Nationwide debit card
Monzo card
Starling card
Curve card
Nectar card
N26 cars
Lloyd’s debit card
Everyday Amex card
Costco card
£5 note

Unfortunately not everywhere accepts Apple Pay in my area.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #70

Certainly isn’t perfect and some supermarket scanners struggle with it. Truth is, I probably only use Morrisons and Tesco on a regular basis. These loyalty cards can become a millstone…:slightly_frowning_face:

(Dan Mullen) #71
  • Driving licence
  • Starling MasterCard debit card
  • Amex credit card
  • Nationwide Visa credit card

In a Dashwallet bifold wallet.



(Colin Robinson) #73

In my wallet, not enough money for this time of year! :santa:t3::christmas_tree::champagne:

(Peter Reid) #74

Still carrying round your Lloyds and Nationwide cards when you have Curve?

(Drew sanders) #75

Well if curve worked in all the places I need then I wouldn’t need them. Sadly though it doesn’t & contactless does fail quite a bit. They blame it on my banks on timing out - the bank says they have not had the request. I don’t use curve as much as I want.
My Lloyd’s is mainly used for P@P.

(Peter Reid) #76

Oh right, personally haven’t had any issue with it - though i’ve only made 8 transactions so far - will have to bear that in mind thanks!


In my Tommy Hilfiger card holder I have:

  • Monzo card (My main current account)
  • Halifax Clarity (Credit card, 0 aboard fees)
  • Lloyds card (Old current account for backup)
  • Driving license
  • Polaroid of my girlfriend
  • Sixt hire car loyalty card (Forgot to take it out from a recent road trip)
  • Loyalty card for the barbers

Going to look into getting a Curve card to combine my Halifax and Lloyds cards

(Dan) #78

This further reinforces my decision to discontinue use of Curve! The main reason why I stopped was because it does not support Apple Pay.


As I mentioned, I use cash mainly for taxis. My taxi bill (depending on the drivers metre) tends to waver between £4.70 (which I round up to £5 to make my life easier) and £5.40. Having the shrapnel allows me to pay when the metre is above £5 without rounding up to £6.

Someone may say, why does it matter rounding it to £6? Well, aside from it should cost about £5 per trip and the other drivers metres are off, I live on a specific budget (saving for a house) and if my taxis over x period of time exceed £25 then I take a long walk home from work.


Taxis still use cash? Do you live in the 90s? :laughing:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #81

I’ve yet to pay a cab fare by card. Old school, but I must try it. :smirk: